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+1 650-854-4882


Institutions and positions
Stanford University, Professor of Political Science (1,00)
University of Chicago, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for the Study of Politics, History and Culture (1,00)
University of California, San Diego, Assistant Professor; Associate Professor(1979); Professor(1984); Chairman (1986): Department of Political Science (1,00)
Berkeley and Davis, Lecturer: Departments of Political Science at the University of California (1,00)
Berkeley, Teaching Assistant in Political Science (1,00)


Honours & awards
2015, David Dennis Laitin, Castle Endowed Lectures, “Africa: The Last Frontier for Development”, ale University
2007, David Dennis Laitin, Elected Member of the National Academy of Sciences
1996, David Dennis Laitin, The Heinz Eulau Award, for the best article in the American Political Science Review
1995, David Dennis Laitin, The Gregory M. Luebbert Memorial Award in Comparative Politics, awarded by the Comparative Politics Section of the American Political Science Association, for "The Tower of Babel as a Coordination Game", at the Annual Meeting, New York,
1967, David Dennis Laitin, Phi Beta Kappa, Swarthmore College
Fields of research
ETIS CLASSIFICATION: 2. Culture and Society; 2.13. Political Science and Administration; CERCS CLASSIFICATION: S170 Political and administrative sciences
Additional information

1973-74 Institute of International Studies Traineeship for dissertation
1976 U.C. San Diego Summer Grant from the Committee on Research
1977 National Endowment forthe Humanities, Summer Stipend
1979-80 National Endowment for the Humanities, Fellowship to engage in a year of field research
pursuing the theme of "Religion and Political Culture among the Yoruba"
1984-85 German Marshall Fund Fellowship and Howard Foundation Fellowship, to engage in a year
of field research in Spain, pursuing the theme of "Language in the Modern State"
1987 Short Term Fellowship from the American Institute of Indian Studies, to engage in a
summer of field research in India
1988 Social Science Research Council grant to organize conference on "Institutionalization ofthe
State" as part of the "States and Social Structures" Project (with Ian Lustick)
1990 Spencer Foundation grant to conduct field research in Ghana for a project "National
Language and Education in Ghana"
1992-94 National Science Foundation, two year grant to engage in field research in Estonia and to
support related research activities in the former Soviet Union, entitled "Nationality and Politics: The
Dismemberment of the Soviet Union" (in collaboration with Jerry Hough)
1995-98 MacArthur Foundation, three year grant of $750,000 to direct research and graduate
education in the field of peace and international cooperation.
1995-96 John SimonGuggenheim Memorial Foundation, Fellow.
1997 Fellow at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Study
1997-99 Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, two year grant of $70,000 to examine ethnic and
nationality relationsin Moldova and Azerbaijan
1999 National Science Foundation Grant, in collaboration with James D. Fearon, on "’Minorities at
Risk’ Data Base and Explaining Ethnic Violence"
2001 Carnegie Corporation Grant, in collaboration with James D. Fearon, on "Ethnicization of Civil
Wars as a Problem for an International Gendarmerie" ($203,000)
2001-2004 National Science Foundation Grant, in collaboration with James D. Fearon, to supportsemiannual meetings ofthe Laboratory in Comparative Ethnic Processes(LiCEP)
2008-2009 National Science Foundation Grant, “Muslim Integration into EU Societies: Comparative
Perspectives” ($344,000)
2009-2010 Hoagland award forinnovation in teaching, to develop Freshman Intro Seminar “Muslim
Integration in France”
2009-2011 Minerva Research Grant, Department of Defense, “Terrorism, Governance, and Development”
(With Jacob Shapiro, Eli Berman, and Jeremy Weinstein)
2010 Franco-American Foundation ResidencyGrant, ““Equality ofOpportunity”, Paris, FebruaryMarch
2010 France-Stanford CenterforInterdisciplinary Studies(FSCIS), (with Yann Algan)
“National/Religious Factionalization and Social Mobility in France: Taking Advantage of Exogenous Assignment
ofHousing to Migrants”
2011 Library of Congress, Kluge Fellowship (December 2010-March 2011)
2014-16 Minerva Research, Department of the Navy “Deterrence with Proxies” (Sub-contract of Grant
Awarded to UCSD, Eli Berman, PI)
2016 Ford Foundation, Grant to provide infrastructure for the Stanford Immigration Policy Lab
2016 National Science Foundation Grant "RAPID: Baseline Survey of Asylum Seekers in Germany"
2017-2019 National Science Foundation Grant “Asylum Seeker and Refugee Integration in Europe”
2018-2019 France-Stanford Center Grant [with Jamila Alaktif and Stéphane Callens] “Maintaining
Inclusion in the Shadow of Terrorism, Violence and Populism



African Politics since Independence: Order, Development and Democracy (New Haven: Yale University Press, forthcoming
2019) [co-authored with Darin Christensen]
Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-Heritage Societies(Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2016) [coauthored with Claire Adida and Marie-Anne Valfort]
Nations, States and Violence (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007)
Identity in Formation: the Russian-speaking Populationsin the Near Abroad (Ithaca: Cornell University Press,
Language Repertoires and State Construction in Africa (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992).
Hegemony and Culture: The Politics of Religious Change among the Yoruba (Chicago: University of Chicago
Press, 1986). [Translated as Hegemonía y cultura: Política y cambio religioso entre los Yoruba, and published
by the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, Madrid, 2011]
Somalia: Nation in Search of a State (Boulder, Colorado: Westview, 1987) (co-authored with Said Samatar).
Politics, Language and Thought: The Somali Experience (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1977)

Articles and Review Essays

“The Onion Principle”. In Stories from the Field. Ed. Peter Krause and Ora Szekely, Columbia University Press,
“The Legacy of Colonial Language Policies and their Impact on Student Learning: Evidence from an
Experimental Program in Cameroon” (with Rajesh Ramachandran and Stephen L. Walter] ”Economic
Development and Cultural Change 68 (1): 239-72, October 2019
“Standardizing the fee waiver application increased naturalization rates of low-income immigrants” [With
Vasil Yasenov, Michael Hotard, Duncan Laurence, and Jens Hainmueller] Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences (2019)
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Michael Hotard, Duncan Lawrence and Jens Hainmueller] Nature Human Behaviour April 15, 2019
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“Breaking Down Barriers to Naturalization for Low-Income Immigrants: Evidence from a Randomized
Controlled Design” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [with Jens Hainmueller et al.]
“Protecting unauthorized immigrant mothers improves their children’s mental health” (2017) Science [with
Jens Hainmueller et al.]
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Allocation” Journal of Political Economy (With Yann Algan and Camille Hémet) (2016)
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Integration: New Models of Mobility and Coexistence (Vienna: Vienna University Press, 2016)
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Working Papers
Linguistic Diversity, Official Language Choice and Human Capital: Africa's Growth Tragedy Revisited (with Rajesh
Ramachandran) [submitted for peer review]
“Identity in Formation: 20 year retrospective” (2018)
“Does Armed Conflict Have ‘Deep Historical Roots’” (with James Fearon)
“Civil War Terminations” (with James Fearon)

Book Reviews

Review of Soldiers and Kinsmen, by Ali Mazrui. Western Political Quarterly (June, 1976).
Review of Conflict in Africa, by Adda Bozeman, in Contemporary Sociology (May, 1977), 359-360.
Review of Conflict and Crisis: The Presidency of Harry S.Truman, 1945-1948, by Robert J. Donovan, in The
San Diego Union (November 20, 1977).
Review of Dulles: A Biography of Eleanor, Allen, and John Foster Dulles and Their Family Network, by
Leonard Mosley, in The San Diego Union (April 16, 1978).
Review of Political Language: Words That Succeed and Policies That Fail, by Murray Edelman, in
Contemporary Sociology (August, 1978).
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Review of Wittgenstein and Political Philosophy: A Reexamination of the Foundations of Social Science, by John
Danford, in American Political Science Review, (March, 1980).
Review of Linguistic Diversity and Language Belief in Kenya: The Special Position of Swahili, by John Rhoades,
in Language Problems and Language Planning, 5, 2 (Summer, 1981).
Review of A Modern History of Somalia: Nation and State in the Horn of Africa by I.M. Lewis, in Horn of
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Problems and Language Planning, 7, 1 (Spring, 1983).
Review of Oral Poetry and Somali Nationalism: The Case of Sayyid Mahammad 'Abdille Hasan, by Said
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of New Books.
Review of L. Dabene et al Status of Migrants' Mother Tongues, in International Migration Review, XIX, 3
(Fall, 1985).
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(1989) Review of A.I. Samatar, Socialist Somalia, in African Today (1989)
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2, (2003): 514
Review of John Goldthorpe, On Sociology, Archives Européennes de Sociologie 45, 4 (2004): 411-16
Review of Georgi Derluguian, Bourdieu’s Secret Admirer in the Caucasus”, New Left Review 38, March/April
2006 [Translated and reprinted in La Revue internationale des Libres & desidées, Septembre-octobre 2007,
No. 1]
Review of Walter Enders and Todd Sandler, The Political Economy of Terrorism, Journal of Economic
Literatures, XLIV (September 2006), pp. 757-760.
Review of Randall Collins, Violence: A Micro-sociological Theory Science, 4 April 2008, pp. 51-52
Review of Paul Nugent, Africa since Independence, New Left Review, 2008.

Conference Papers

1973: "Politics, Education and Language Relativity: A Study of the Somalisin Kenya's Northeastern Province,"
African Studies Association, Syracuse, New York.
1975: "Language and Political Thought," Western Political Science Association, Seattle, Washington.
1976: "Somalia's Military Regime and Scientific Socialism," American Political Science Association, Chicago,
1977: "Mali and Somalia Under Civilian and Military Rule: The Prospectsfor Radical Socialism," State
University of New York, Conversationsin the Discipline, "Can Reformist or Radical Military Regimes
Generate Substantial and Rapid Socio-Economic and Political Changes?," Fredonia, New York.
1978: "A Classification of Strategies Designed to Overcome Dependency and Economic Backwardness," paper
presented to the Institute for World Order Colloquium on the New International Economic Order.
1978: "The Warin the Ogaden," paper presented to African Studies Association, Baltimore, Maryland.
1978: "Dependent Variables, Levels of Analysis and the Development of a Curriculum for International
Political Economy", presented with P. Cowhey at the University of Southern California Conference on
Graduate Education in International Political Economy, organized by J. Rosenau and S. Strange.
1979: "Language Choice and National Development: A Typology for Africa" presented at the University of
Washington Colloquium forthe Program in Comparative Studiesin Ethnicity and Nationality, Seattle,
1980: "Conversion and Political Change: A Study of (Anglican) Christianity and Islam Among the Yorubas in IleIfe", presented at (a) the University of Ife seminarseries of the Department of Political Science; (b) the
Institute of African Studies, the University of Ibadan; (c) the American Political Science Association, Annual
Meeting, Washington, D.C.; and (d) the University of Indiana, Colloquium in African Studies.
1980: "Military Rule and National Secession: Nigeria and Ethiopia" presented at the Inter-University Seminar
on Armed Forces and Society, University of Chicago (written with Drew Harker).
1980: "The OAU and the Ogaden Question: Towards a Solution" (with O. Ojo), presented at the First
International Congress of Somali Studies, Mogadishu, Somalia.
1980: "A Thick Description of Abner Cohen's Hausa Migrants" presented to the U.C.S.D. Department of
1981: "The International Economy and State Formation among the Yoruba in the 19th Century", prepared for
the American Political Science Association, Annual Meeting, New York.
1981: "The Ogaadeen Question and Changesin Somali Identity", presented at the Rockefeller Foundation's
Conference Center, Bellagio, Italy at a Conference on "Ethnic Self-Determination and State Coherence: African
Dilemmas", organized by V. Olorunsola and D. Rothchild.
1981: "The Sharia Debate and the Origins of Nigeria's Second Republic," presented at the African Studies
1981/2: "Linguistic Dissociation: A Strategy for Africa," presented to a Conference organized by W. O'Barr,
Duke University, Durham, N.C. (1981); and to a Symposium at the Institute for Africanists at the University of
Cologne (1982).
1982: "The New Media in State and National Development: The Changing Context of Somali Poetry,"
presented at an SSRC Conference, organized by B. Jules-Rosette, UCSD, La Jolla, CA.
1982: "The Reagan Foreign Policy in the Horn of Africa," talks delivered to (a) The Berkeley-Stanford Joint
Africa Program Annual Conference, and (b) "Africa: Continuity and Change in the 1980s," conference
organized by M. Clough and H. Kitchen, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterrey, CA.
1982: "Changes in the Idea of the Somali Nation," paper delivered to the Symposium, "Horn of Africa: From
'Scramble to Africa' to East-West Conflict," sponsored by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Bonn, Germany.
1982: "Hegemony and Religious Conflict," presented to the American Political Science Association Annual
Meeting,Denver, Colorado.
1983: "Somali Government and Politics," presented at the Second International Congress of Somali Studies,
Hamburg, West Germany.
1982/3: "Hegemony and Culture," Summary of book manuscript presented to Regents Lecturer Kenneth
Burke, UCSD, May, 1982; presented to the Social Science Study Group, Institute of International Affairs,
Cornell University, May, 1983.
1983: Discussant on panel concerned with "Crisis in the Horn," at the UCLA Conference on African Crisis
Areas and American Foreign Policy.
1983: "Some Trendsin Somalia's Political Economy," Paper presented at the Second International Congress
of Somali Studies, Hamburg, August, 1983.
1985: "Actituds Davant la Llengua: Aplicacio de la Teoria dels jocs al cas dels immigrants i Autoctons de
Catalunya" presented at the University of Barcelona, Department of Sociology, January, 1985; and again at
the University of Madrid, April, 1985.
1985: "Political Linguisticsin Catalonia After Franco" presented to the American Political Science Association,
New Orleans, September, 1985.
1985/6: "Language Games: Comparative Speculations" presented at Cornell University, Center of
International Studies(November, 1985); Stanford University, Department of Political Science (May, 1986);
and the International Sociological Association, New Delhi, (August, 1986) (read en absentia), the Center for
International Affairs, Harvard University, (October, 1986), and the Department of Political Science,
University of Chicago, December, 1986.
1986: "Linguistic Conflict in Catalonia," Second International Congress of the Catalan Language, Gerona,
Spain, May, 1986.
1986: "Transactions and Games: Language Policy in Kenya" presented to the American Political Science
Association, Washington, D.C., September, 1986 (with Carol Eastman).
1987: "The Catalan Language Under Franco," UCSD Conference on Franco Spain and the Survival of a
Democratic Tradition, San Diego (March, 1987).
1987/8: "Politics and Culture in Africa" The Nelson Rockefeller lecture in Public Affairs, Dartmouth College;
also the inaugural lecture at the University of Chicago.
1988: "Linguistic Revival: Politics and Culture in Catalonia" American Anthropological Association (Chicago);
also at the Modern Europe workshop, University of Chicago.
1988: "Cultura y Ciencia Política en el estudio de las Administraciones Autónomas", Asociacion Madrileña de
1989: "Explaining Language Outcomesin India" presented to the Annual Seminar of the Comparative Study
of Ethnicity and Nationalism at the University of Washington, Jackson School of International Studies
(May), at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Political Science Association, Quebec (June), and at the
Harvard University Seminar in Comparative Politics(April, 1990)
1989: "Immigrants russos a Estònia: és different llur situació dels andalusos a Catalunya?" Paper presented
for the "Seminari Interdisciplinari Sobre l'Aplicació de la teoria delsjocs a les ciències socials" 14 December,
1989, at the AutonomousUniversity of Barcelona
1990: "A Political Perspective on Language Repertoiresin Africa" paper presented to the University of
Chicago/Northwestern Africa Seminar, February; and to the Harvard University African Seminar, May.
1990: American Political Science Association, Annual Meeting, Chair of Panel: "Dilemmas of State Building in a
Democratic Era"
1990: "Toward a Formal Theory of Marginal Populations", paper presented to the SSRC working group on
"The Security of Marginal Populations", November.
1991: "The National Uprisingsin the Soviet Union", Paper presented at the International Center at MIT,
1991: "The Stable Boundaries of the Political", paper presented at the African Studies and Research Center
conference on Religion and Protest in Africa", Cornell University, April.
1991: "Soviet Nationalities and Comparative Politics", paper presented at the East-West Center, Duke
University, April.
1991: "The Tower of Babel as a Coordination Game: Political Linguistics in Ghana" (Paper delivered at the
annual meeting ofthe American Political Science Association)
1991: "Marginality: A Micro Perspective" (Paper delivered to the SSRC Committee on the Security of Marginal
Populations,New Orleans)
1991: "The Game Theory of Language Regimes" (Paper delivered to the International Political Science
Association meeting on International Language Regimes, Amsterdam)
1991: "Language and the Construction of States: The Case of Catalonia in Spain" (Paper presented to the
Committee on Social Thought, Washington University; and to the Autonomous University of Barcelona,
Department of Political Science).
1992: "Multinationalism and Democratization" (Paper presented to the East-West Systems Transformation
group, chaired by Adam Przeworski, at the Rockefeller Foundation Study Center, Bellagio, Italy, for inclusion
in a jointed authored book, provisionally entitled "Sustainable Democracy", CambridgeUniversity Press)
1992: "A Formal Theory of National Identity" (Presentation sponsored by IREX and presented at the
Institute of Philosophy, Tallinn, Estonia)
1992-93: "Nationalism and Violence" (Paper presented to the Harry F. Guggenheim Foundation, conference
in Madrid, 1992; at the Instituto Esdudios Avanzados, Madrid, 1993; and the Program in Post-Soviet
Studies, U.C. Berkeley, April 1995)
1993: "The Cultural Identities of a European State" (Paper presented at Harvard University, May 1993; the
University of Minnesota, May, 1993; UCLA, at a conference "Quo Vadis Europa, 2000?" , April 1995; and at
the Ford Seminar at the University of Pennsylvania, May, 1995.)
1993: "Russian Nationalism in Post-Soviet Estonia, Congreso Internacional, Os Nacionalismos en Europa,
Pasado y Presente, held at Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, September, 1993.
1994: "Identity in Formation: The Russian-Speaking Nationality in the Post Soviet Diaspora", presented at
the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, 1994; the American Association forthe
Advancement of Slavic Studies, November, 1994; at the University of Connecticut, October, 1994; at
Harvard University, Russian Research Center, October, 1994; at the University of Wisconsin, Political
Science Department, July, 1994; at MIT, Center for International Studies, October, 1994; at the University
of California, Santa Barbara, April, 1995)
1995: "Language Tipping: Ethnic and Linguistic Politicsin the Former Soviet Union", presented at UCLA,
Political Economy Seminar, April, 1995; and at Harvard University, CFIA, April, 1995.
1995: "Explaining Inter-Ethnic Cooperation" (with James Fearon), presented at the Annual Meeting of the
American Political Science Association, New York.
1995: "Nationalism and Language: A Post-Soviet Perspective", Paper presented at the Central European
University, Centre for the Study of Nationalism, Prague, December; presented in All Souls College, Oxford
University, December, 1995; and at the Political Science Department, Columbia University, May, 1996.
1995: "The Cultural Elements of Ethnically-Mixed States: Nationality Re-Formation in the Soviet Successor
States" paper presented at a MacArthur Symposium at the University of California, Berkeley, November,
1995; at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, December, 1995; at the Graduate
Symposium in Political Science, Rugters University, in April, 1996; and at the Ford Foundation Eastern
Europe history project at the University of Michigan, May, 1996. This paper is slated for publication in a
volume to be edited by George Steinmetz, Culture and the State,submitted to Cornell University Press.
1995: "Ethnic Cleansing, Liberal Style", paper presented to the Weyland Colloquium at Brown University,
October, 1995; at the Harvard/MIT MacArthur Symposium in February, 1996; at the University of Wisconsin
MacArthur Seminarin April, 1996; and Loyola University (Chicago), November, 1996.
1996: "Somalia", paper prepared for a Ford Foundation supported seminar on "Third Party Military
Intervention in Civil Wars", at Columbia University, May 1996. This paper is slated to go into a volume
edited by Jack Snyder, John Ruggie, and Barbara Walter, to be published by Columbia University Press.
1996-98: "Identity Choice under Conditions of Uncertainty", paper presented at faculty seminars at
University of Michigan, Yale University, Columbia University, New York University, McGill University,
Princeton University, Stanford University, Harvard University, and the Russell Sage Foundation program on
"Conversations with Nobelists".
1997-98: "National Heterogeneity and Democracy" paper presented at faculty seminars at Columbia
University and Notre Dame University.
1998: "The Political Economy of Identity" paper presented as part of the Ford Foundation Undergraduate
Lectures in political economy, at Harvard University.
1999: "Weak States, Rough Terrain, and Large-Scale Ethnic Violence since 1945" (with James Fearon), paper
presented to the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta.
2000: "Ordinary Language and External Validity: Specifying Conceptsin the Study of Ethnicity" (with James
Fearon), paper presented to the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.
2000: "Comparative Politics: State of the Sub-Discipline", paper presented to the American Political Science
Association Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. (Scheduled to be published in an edited volume on The State
of the Discipline, published by the American Political Science Association.
2000: "Transitionsto Independence and Commitmentsto Minorities" (with James Fearon), paper presented
to a symposium at Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA., and a faculty seminar at Cornell University
2001-2008: “Sons of the Soil” (with James Fearon), paper presented at workshops at the University of
Washington, Yale University, UCSD, Lake Forest College, the Social Science History Association Annual
Meeting, UCLA; and at the Central European University, Budapest.
2002-2003: “Kto-Kovo: A Cross-Country Study ofthe Origins and Targets of Terrorism” (with Alan B. Krueger),
paper developed from Conferences on the Movement of Suicide Bombing, held at Stanford University,
November 2002, and September 2003; delivered at the National Bureau of Economic Research (September
2002-2005: “Rational Martyrs: Evidence from Data on Suicide Attacks” (with Eli Berman), paper developed
from Conferences on the Movement of Suicide Bombing, held at Stanford University, November 2002, and
September 2003, presented at the Charles Tilly seminar on Contentious Politics, Columbia University; State
University of New York at Buffalo; Cornell University; the Rational Models Seminar at the University of
Chicago; and Lewis and ClarkCollege.
2002-2005 “Random Narratives on Civil War”, paper delivered to seminars at Columbia University, LiCEP; CIDE
(Mexico City); Cornell University; EITM Workshop at the University of California, Berkeley; Yale University; and
2006: “Immigrant Communities and Violence”, paper presented at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the
American Political Science Association, Philadelphia, PA, August 31-September 3.
2007: “Civil War Terminations”, paper in collaboration with James Fearon presented at the 2007 Annual
Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Chicago, IL; at the Instituto Juan March de Estudios e
Investigaciones, November 2007; at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, February 2008; at the University
of Iowa, February 2008; at Princeton University, April 2008.
2007: "Cultural Distance: A Constraint on Mimicry?" Paper prepared for a conference on Mimicry In Civil
Wars: The strategic use of identity signals, organized by Diego Gambetta, 7-8 December 2007, Collège de
France, Paris
2007-2008: “Linguistic Nationalism as a Consumption Item” Presentation at All Soul’s College at
Oxford University, and at London School of Economics
2008: “Language Repertoires: State vs. Non-State Societies” Paper prepared for a conference organized by
Jared Diamond and James Robinson on “The World asIt Was”, at Harvard University.
2008: “Response to Critics of Nations, States, and Violence”. Presentation at a symposium conducted at the
London School of Economics.
2010: “The Sources of Religious Discrimination: Evidence from a Field Experiment in France” Paper presented
to the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, September 2-5, 2010 (in
collaboration with Claire Adida and Marie-Anne Valfort).
2011: “Gender Norms, Muslim Immigrants, and Economic Integration in France” Paper presented to the
2011 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, September 2-5, 2010 (in collaboration
with Claire Adida and Marie-Anne Valfort).
2012: “How Persistent is armed conflict?” Paper prepared for presentation at the 2012 Annual Meeting of
the American Political Science Association, New Orleans(in collaboration with James Fearon). Also
presented at the XVI World Economic History Congress at Stellenbosch, South Africa, July 2012, and
included as a working paper in the Economic Research of Southern Africa (ERSA)series.
2012: “Muslimsin France: Identifying a Discriminatory Equilibrium”. Paper presented at the Council of
European Studies, Boston; at the George Washington University, at the Georgetown University Center for
Contemporary Arab Studies; and at Uppsala Universitet (in collaboration with Claire Adida and MarieAnne Valfort)
2013: “The Territorial Stability of India and China from a Theoretical Perspective”. Paper presented to the
Political Instability Task Force, McLean, VA.
2013: “Institutions and Development: Limitsto Identification”. Keynote address presented to the conference
on Institutional Challengesin Emerging Economiessponsored by the Stockholm Institute for Transitional
Economies at the Stockholm School of Economics, September 2013
2014 “Language Policy and Human Development” (in collaboration with Rajesh Ramachandran) Paper
presented at Language and Colonialism workshop, NYU, March 2014; also at UCSD and UCLA.
2014: “Does Armed Conflict Have ‘Deep Historical Roots’” (with James Fearon). Paper presented at the
Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association; also presented at George Mason University,
the University of Maryland, and ITAM, Mexico City
2015 “Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-heritage Societies”, Empire Lecture at the Midwest
Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL
2016 “The Christian minority in Dakar: how does it fare in a Muslim dominant state?” Paper prepared for
presentation at the 112th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association in Philadelphia, PA.
2016 “Measuring Immigrant Integration”; presented at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Princeton
2017 “Linguistic Diversity, Official Language Choice and Nation Building: Theory and Evidence” Paper
prepared for presentation at the 113th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association in San
Francisco, CA
2018 “Populism: the Muslim Connection” Keynote Address at the CESifo Conference “Globalization and
Populism - Past and Present” Venice, Italy, June 4th – 5th, 2018.
2018 “Identity in Formation: 20 year retrospective” (2018) Paper presented at the Slavic Studies
Program, Ohio State University, and at the Association for the Study of Nationalities

Consultancy and Community and University Service

1973/4: Member of University Review Panel examining Boalt Hall Law School (W. Muir, Chairman)
1975/6: Lectures on African politicsto AAUW and San Diego Association of Retired professionals
1978: Provided Formal Briefing at the State Department to Mr. D. Peterson, newly appointed U.S. Ambassador
to Somalia
1980: Chairman ofthe Review Committee examining Undergraduate Education at the School of Social Sciences,
U.C. Irvine
1980: Member ofthe U.C.S.D. Subcommittee on Undergraduate Courses of the Committee on Educational
Policy 1980/84: Undergraduate Advisor, Department of Political Science, University of California, San Diego
1980/3: Member of Program Committee and Education Committee of the San Diego World Affairs
Council 1980: Consultant to MacMillan Corporation, for "Somalia" entry in Collier's Encyclopedia
1981: Testified Before House of Representatives' Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa concerning Budget
Allocation to the Horn of Africa. Prepared statement is published in the Congressional Record
1980/1: Member of Advisory Committee to Reform Curriculum of "Urban Studies and Planning" at University
of California, San Diego
1982: Op-Ed Article, "Somalia's A Risk," New York Times, August 16, 1982. (Reprinted in International Herald
1983: Testified Before House of Representatives' Appropriations Committee. Prepared statement is
published in the CongressionalRecord
1983/85: Member Third College Curriculum Committee, UCSD
1983: Visiting Honors Examiner, Oberlin College
1984: Referee forthe MacArthur Foundation Fellowship Program
1984: Referee fortwo National Science Foundation Grant Proposals
1987: Organized a Conference at UCSD on "Game Theory and the Ethnography of Speaking"
(June, 1987)
1988: Consultant for Personnel matters, Oberlin College
1988: Organized an SSRC-sponsored Conference at Wilder House, University of Chicago, on "The
Institutionalization ofthe State: The Political Construction of Cultural Realities"
1989: External Review Committee, University of California, Riverside, Graduate Program in Political
1990-91: Served on two NSF Social Science Division panels
1992: Lectured to Midwest Faculty Seminar, University of Chicago
1995: Editorial Board Member, Rationality and Society
1995--: Co-coordinator (with Gary Becker and Edward Laumann) of Rational Choice Modelsin the Social
Sciences Workshop at the University of Chicago
1996-97: Chair of the Faculty Senate Honorary Degrees Committee 2001-2002 – Freshman Academic Advisor,
Stanford University
2001-2002 – Chair of Departmental Search Committee (Comparative Politics)
2001-2003 – Convener for Graduate Program in Comparative Politics, Stanford University
2002-2003 – Omnibus Search Committee for Department and Chair of Divisional Search Committee in African
2002--: Editorial Board Member, European Journal of Sociology
2003--: Editorial Board Member, International StudiesQuarterly
2003-5: Consultant to Booz, Allen and Hamilton; to CENTRA Technologies, and to SAIC – for the Political
Instability Task Force; and on issues of insurgency and terrorism
2004: Participated in the debriefing of the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Somalia, under
auspices ofthe International Peace Academy
2003-2007: Department of Political Science Omnibus Search Committee; Interdepartmental Search Committee
in China Studies; Chair of the International, Comparative and Area Studies Search Committee on Asia.
2005-2006: Consultant to the Worldwide Incidents Team Brain Trust group at the National Counterterrorism
2009-2013: Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Sciences-Po, Paris
2014: “America needs a Council of International Strategy” Monkey Cage
2015 “France after Charlie Hebdo” colloquium with John R. Bowen et al, Boston Review (March/April)
2015: Op-ed Article, New York Times “Let Syrians Settle Detroit” (with Marc Jahr) 14 May
2016: “Don’t Fear Muslim Immigrants: They aren’t the Real Problem” (with Claire L. Adida and Marie-Anne
Valfort) Foreign Affairs []
2017: Is the White House ready for these ‘nightmare scenarios’ in U.S. foreign policy? Monkey Cage
[] (With James Vreeland]
2017: The little-known benefit of DACA: It reduced mental illness in dreamers’ children Monkey Cage
[] (With Jens Hainmueller and Linna

Professional Activities

American Political Science Association
Institute of African Studies, University of Nairobi, Research Associate (1973-
Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Research Associate (1977-
University of Ife, Visiting Senior Lecturerin Political Science (1979-80)
Founding Member, Somali StudiesInternational Association (1978)
Visiting Fellow, ESADE, Barcelona, Spain (1983-84)
Social Science Research Council, MemberJoint Committee on African Studies(1988-90)
Visiting Lecturer, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Department of Political Science (December, 1989)
Social Science Research Council, Member of Planning Group for a Research Project on "Marginal
Populations" (1990-1991)
Cornell University Press, Editor (with George Steinmetz) of "Wilder House Seriesin Politics, History and
Culture" (1989-1998)
American Political Science Association, Section Chair forthe 1991 Annual Meeting, for "Politicsin Developing
American Political Science Association, Chair of Committee to choose winner of the "Heinz Eulau" award for
best article in APSR
American Political Science Association, President of Comparative Politics Subsection (1993-95)
American Political Science Association, Executive Committee of Political Economy Subsection (1992-
American Political Science Association, Committee to choose winner of "Ralph Bunche" award for the best
book in the field of cultural or ethnic pluralism (1995-96)
American Political Science Association, Elected for a Three Year Term to serve on the Executive Council of the
American Political Science Association, Appointed to serve on the Administrative Committee of the Executive
Council ofthe Association (1998-99)
National Science Foundation, Appointed to serve on the Political Science Panel (1998-
Officer Selection Committee, American Political Science Association (2001-2002)
American Political Science Association, Task Force on Terrorism (2004-2006)
American Political Science Association, Vice-President(2005-2006).
Visiting Professor, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris(Sciences-Po), November-December 2007
Member Scientific Advisory Board, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris 2009-2013
Member Editorial Board American Political Science Review 2008—2012
Member DBASSE (Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education) Council of the National Academy of
Member, IZA (Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn Germany)
Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Tallinn Technical University, Estonia, March 2013
Visiting Scholar, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala Universitet, September 2013
Co-Director, Stanford University, Immigration and Integration Policy Lab 2015—
France-Stanford Center, Executive Committee 2017-2021
Advisory Board of the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) –2018-2020