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I am a Research Fellow and Special Scientist at the Cyprus University of Technology while privately consulting as a user experience researcher. Currently, I am on a 6 month Visiting Lecturer position at Tallinn University in Estonia. My main area of research lies in Information Interaction and Digital Libraries, focusing on Information Seeking, Information Architecture and User Experience, with a special interest on user interfaces. I have a Computer Science background, which I combine with my digital library research to investigate how systems can be enhanced by state of the art and future technologies. I have published work in international journals and conferences which have also been submitted to the UK REF exercise, taken part in EU funded as well as national funded projects, edited books and proceedings and successfully secured personal EU and national funding, based on proposals I have written. I am currently writing proposals for the Horizon 2020 programme among other EU initiatives.
I am also an experienced and enthusiastic teacher, lecturing classes between 10 and 100 students yearly with excellent feedback. I have actively setup new modules and teaching curricula which are now successfully established and permanently adopted by departments. Among others, these include the courses on ‘Information Architecture’, ‘Interactive Multimedia’ ‘Human-Computer Interaction’ and ‘Developing for Mobile Applications. Several of the students I have supervised have used their work as a spin-off and are now commercially available.
I have also given talks and presentations to both academia and industry and taken leadership and managerial roles in team projects and on panels and committees for management and research, such as the International Federation for Information Processing and ACM SIGCHI and organised and chaired international conferences. I have also been actively involved in the creation of three new state of the art Computer Science research labs from the ground up.
I have extensive experience in user study design and facilitation using cutting edge technologies, eliciting user requirements and performing systems evaluation, both within industry and academia. I also have applied development experience, with one of my mobile applications winning the digital championship social impact award. Some of the entities which I collaborate with or worked for on projects include the European Patent Office, Microsoft, Nokia, Department for Education UK, Cyprus Broadcasting Channel and the Federal Department of Antiquities.
My aims are to set up a research team on Information Interaction and Architecture which will be self-sustained by research funding and produce world leading research. I would also look to be an active member of the school and department in which I would look to support and expand in both teaching and research.

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