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Subsite- and stage-specific colorectal cancer trends in Estonia prior to implementation of screeningInnos, K; Reima, H; Baburin, A; Paapsi, K; Aareleid, T; Soplepmann, J.2018Cancer Epidemiology1.1.National Institute for Health Development;
Tartu University Hospital
Methylene blue intra-arterial staining of resected colorectal cancer specimens improves accuracy of nodal staging: A randomized controlled trial.Reima, H.; Saar, H.; Innos, K.; Soplepmann, J.2016European Journal of Surgical Oncology1.1.National Institute for Health Development;
Tartu University Hospital, Haematology and Oncology Clinic of Tartu University Hospital;
Tartu University Hospital, Pathology Department of Tartu university Hospital