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An independent management consultant, lectured in business schools and management development centres of Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia...
Senior researcher, consultant and the head of enterprise and management development programmes in the ILO (Geneva)
Teadusorganisatsiooniline ja -administratiivne tegevus
Joseph Prokopenko promoveeriti EBSi audoktoriks 1. juunil 2001. a.
Extensive experience in management consulting, training and development assignments for the ILO, World Bank, UNDP, UNIDO, EU, Islamic Development Bank, Asian Productivity Organisation (Japan), TASIS, European Training Foundation, government agencies and private companies in more than 90 countries. Have worked as an aviation designer, researcher in economics.
1. Globalisation and competitiveness: the latest trends and implications for business
2. Globalisation and competitiveness: implications for governments and public administration
3. Attracting and managing the environment for FDI (foreign direct investments)
4. Major country competitiveness factors and conditions
5. Managing privatisation, business and social implications
6. The latest changes in companies strategies and competitiveness
7. Change management: the essence, approaches and techniques
8. Enterprise restructuring and turnover
9. Productivity management and improvement
10. Productivity measurement and performance assessment for better decision making
11. Total Quality Management
12. KAIZEN: Japanese system for total productivity improvement
13. PIP (productivity improvement programmes: design and implementation)
14. Sales management
15. Negotiation and presentation and skills
16. Value chain and process management
17. Best practice companies: international comparisons
18. Public service and public administration: reforms, management, and services improvement
19. Main IE methods and techniques
20. Problem identification, analyses and management decision making
21. Major shifts in management practices and trends
22. Project management: cycle, process, methods and techniques
23. National institutional capacity building for management & productivity promotion
24. Management consulting: approaches, methods, organisation; internal consulting
25. Knowledge and Innovation management
26. Action learning and learning organisations
27. Human resource management: concept, structure, trends, methods and techniques
28. Human resource development: policy, strategies, methods and techniques
29. Leadership development: best practices and new approaches
30. Modular training programs: concept, development and implementation
31. Motivation for higher business and individual performance
32. Staff performance appraisal
33. Team building and team management
34. Corporate governance and corporate citizenship: new developments
35. Flexible, result-oriented development and training systems
36. Training methods and techniques
37. Managing management development institutions and improving their services
38. Pareto principle (80:20): applications for business strategic decisions
39. Strategic management: strategy development, implementation and assessment (for private business and public administration)
40. Corporate business strategy: formulation and implementation
41. Business plan development
42. CRM (Customer Relationships Management)
43. Business Strategies during the hard crises times
44. How to prepare for getting out of recession at the en do crises


Teaduspreemiad ja tunnustused
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