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Institutions and positions
University of Cambridge, Researcher (1,00)


Fields of research
ETIS CLASSIFICATION: 1. Biosciences and Environment; 1.12. Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biophysics and Economic and Technological Research relating to Bio- and Environmental Sciences; CERCS CLASSIFICATION: B120 Molecular biophysics
ETIS CLASSIFICATION: 4. Natural Sciences and Engineering; 4.11. Chemistry and Chemical Technology; CERCS CLASSIFICATION: P400 Physical chemistry


Teadustöö põhisuunad
ETIS KLASSIFIKAATOR: 1. Bio- ja keskkonnateadused; 1.12. Bio- ja keskkonnateadustega seotud uuringud, näiteks biotehnoloogia, molekulaarbioloogia, rakubioloogia, biofüüsika, majandus- ja tehnoloogiauuringud; CERCS KLASSIFIKAATOR: B120 Molekulaarne biofüüsika
ETIS KLASSIFIKAATOR: 4. Loodusteadused ja tehnika; 4.11. Keemia ja keemiatehnika; CERCS KLASSIFIKAATOR: P400 Füüsikaline keemia

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PublicationAuthorsYearEdition titleClassificationFileR&D institutions
Analysis of alpha B-crystallin polydispersity in solution through native microfluidic electrophoresisWright, Maya A.; Ruggeri, Francesco Simone; Saar, Kadi L.; Challa, Pavan K.; Benesch, Justin L. P.; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2019The Analyst1.1.
Quaternization of Vinyl/Alkynyl Pyridine Enables Ultrafast Cysteine-Selective Protein Modification and Charge ModulationMatos, Maria J.; Navo, Claudio D.; Hakala, Tuuli; Ferhati, Xhenti; Guerreiro, Ana; Hartmann, David; Bernardim, Barbara; Saar, Kadi L.; Companon, Ismael; Corzana, Francisco; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.; Jimenez-Oses, Gonzalo; Bernardes, Goncalo J. L.2019Angewandte Chemie International Edition1.1.
Rapid two-dimensional characterisation of proteins in solutionSaar, Kadi L.; Peter, Quentin; Mueller, Thomas; Challa, Pavan K.; Herling, Therese W.; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2019Microsystems & Nanoengineering1.1.
Combining Affinity Selection and Specific Ion Mobility for Microchip Protein SensingArter, William E.; Charmet, Jerome; Kong, Jinglin; Saar, Kadi L.; Herling, Therese W.; Mueller, Thomas; Keyser, Ulrich F.; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2018Analytical Chemistry1.1.
Enhancing the Resolution of Micro Free Flow Electrophoresis through Spatially Controlled Sample InjectionSaar, Kadi L.; Muller, Thomas; Charmet, Jerome; Challa, Pavan Kumar; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2018Analytical Chemistry1.1.
Massively parallel C elegans tracking provides multi-dimensional fingerprints for phenotypic discoveryPerni, Michele; Challa, Pavan K.; Kirkegaard, Julius B.; Limbocker, Ryan; Koopman, Mandy; Hardenberg, Maarten C.; Sormanni, Pietro; Mueller, Thomas; Saar, Kadi L.; Roode, Lianne W. Y.; Habchi, Johnny; Vecchi, Giulia; Fernando, Nilumi; Casford, Samuel; Nollen, Ellen A. A.; Vendruscolo, Michele; Dobson, Christopher M.; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2018Journal of Neuroscience Methods1.1.
Microfluidic approaches for probing amyloid assembly and behaviourHerling, Therese W.; Levin, Aviad; Saar, Kadi L.; Dobson, Christopher M.; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2018Lab on a Chip1.1.
On-chip label-free protein analysis with downstream electrodes for direct removal of electrolysis productsSaar, Kadi L.; Zhang, Yingbo; Muller, Thomas; Kumar, Challa P.; Devenish, Sean; Lynn, Andrew; Lapinska, Urszula; Yang, Xiaoting; Linse, Sara; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2018Lab on a Chip1.1.
On-chip measurements of protein unfolding from direct observations of micron-scale diffusionZhang, Yuewen; Yates, Emma V.; Hong, Liu; Saar, Kadi L.; Meisl, Georg; Dobson, Christopher M.; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2018Chemical Science1.1.
Real-Time Intrinsic Fluorescence Visualization and Sizing of Proteins and Protein Complexes in Microfluidic DevicesChalla, Pavan Kumar; Peter, Quentin; Wright, Maya A.; Zhang, Yuewen; Saar, Kadi L.; Carozza, Jacqueline A.; Benesch, Justin L. P.; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2018Analytical Chemistry1.1.
Gradient-free determination of isoelectric points of proteins on chipLapinska, Urszula; Saar, Kadi L.; Yates, Emma V.; Herling, Therese W.; Muller, Thomas; Challa, Pavan K.; Dobson, Christopher M.; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2017Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics1.1.
Mechanism of biosurfactant adsorption to oil/water interfaces from millisecond scale tensiometry measurementsKong, Lingling; Saar, Kadi Liis; Jacquat, Raphael; Hong, Liu; Levin, Aviad; Gang, Hongze; Ye, Ruqiang; Mu, Bozhong; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2017INTERFACE FOCUS1.1.
Automated Ex Situ Assays of Amyloid Formation on a Microfluidic PlatformSaar, Kadi-Liis; Yates, Emma V.; Mueller, Thomas; Saunier, Severine; Dobson, Christopher M.; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2016Biophysical Journal1.1.
Fluctuations in the Kinetics of Linear Protein Self-AssemblyMichaels, Thomas C. T.; Dear, Alexander J.; Kirkegaard, Julius B.; Saar, Kadi L.; Weitz, David A.; Knowles, Tuomas P. J.2016Physical Review Letters1.1.