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Institutions and positions
National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (NICPB), PhD student (1,00)


Honours & awards
2020, Maryam Kazemi, smart time (time management) The training target was to increase efficiency and to enhance time management practical skills. The participant studied • How to focus faster and to live more in the present moment, • How to use GROW planning model in planning complicated tasks • How to identify priorities and to act accordingly despite the unexpected events • How to use one’s time management tools more efficiently
2020, Maryam Kazemi, Joint European Summer School on Fuel Cell, Electrolyser, and Battery Technologies JESS 2020 honor descriptionThe increase in energy production from renewable sources creates a demand for energy storage technologies. Storage and conversion can be accomplished electrochemically: in batteries or through electrolysis and fuel cells. Therefore, these technologies are poised to play a major role in the energy supply infrastructure of the near future. The Joint European Summer School JESS 2020 addresses these issues by offering high quality graduate level modules on selected topics of fuel cells, electrolyser, and battery technologies.
2019, Maryam Kazemi, presentation skills
Fields of research
ETIS CLASSIFICATION: 4. Natural Sciences and Engineering; 4.11. Chemistry and Chemical Technology; CERCS CLASSIFICATION: P401 Electrochemistry ; SPECIFICATION: synthesis Carbon-based catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

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ProgramTypeNumberNameProject startProject endPrincipal investigatorInstitutionFinancing
PSGPSG312Metal Oxide-based Catalyst Materials from Recycled Li-ion Batteries for Metal-air Battery and Fuel Cell Applications01.01.201931.12.2022Ivar KruusenbergNational Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics394 750,00 EUR (MOBERA6)Novel Heteroatom-doped Nanocarbon Catalysts for Fuel Cell and Metal-air Battery Applications15.02.201814.02.2021Ivar KruusenbergNational Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics150 000,00 EUR (total financing 150 000,00 EUR)