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New Frascati (2015)
Old and new Frascati
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ProgramTypeNumberNameProject startProject endPrincipal investigatorInstitutionFinancing
MUUKJB300030701B[e] supergiants - where is their place within the evolution of massive stars?01.01.200731.12.2009Michaela KrausTartu Observatory64 960,00 EUR
MUU209/11/1198Circumstellar environment of evolved hot stars01.01.201131.12.2013Michaela KrausTartu Observatory131 605,00 EUR
IUTIUT40-1Variability and evolution of massive stars in the Gaia era01.01.201531.12.2020Indrek KolkaTartu Observatory; University of Tartu, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tartu Observatory300 000,00 EUR
MUU7AMB12AR021On the evolutionary stage and disk formation mechanism of B[e] stars01.01.201231.12.2013Michaela KrausTartu Observatory11 519,00 EUR
MUUCONICENT/14/003Pulsations as mass-loss trigger in blue supergiants01.01.201431.12.2015Michaela KrausTartu Observatory1 174,00 EUR
MUUOPTICONThe winds and disks of Galactic unclassified B[e] stars01.05.200831.05.2008Michaela KrausTartu Observatory2 000,00 EUR
MUUKraus-1Unravelling the disk formation mechanism of B[e] stars01.01.201031.12.2011Michaela KrausTartu Observatory1 053,00 EUR
MUU14-21373SUnveiling the mass-loss history of evolved massive stars01.01.201431.12.2016Michaela KrausTartu Observatory179 878,00 EUR