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+358 50 327 6364


Fields of research
ETIS CLASSIFICATION: 2. Culture and Society; 2.11. Social Sciences; CERCS CLASSIFICATION: S210 Sociology
Additional information
2003 February Licentiate of Administrative Science, University of Tampere
1999 June Master of Administrative Science, University of Tampere
(1999, spring term in the University of Rome (La Sapienza), Italy,
academic year 1996 – 1997 in the University of Manchester, UK)

Ph.D. School of Management, University of Tampere (Work-in-Progress)

2004 (May) University of Newcastle, CURDS, Newcastle, UK. (one week), 2007 (April) Globelics Academy, 4th Interna-
tional Ph.D. School on innovation and economic development. Lisbon, Portugal. (11⁄2 week), 2008. (June) Experience the creative economy. Martin prosperity institute, University of Toronto, Canada. (4 day meeting)


2019/4 – present senior researcher, Migration Institute of Finland, Tur-

2006/12 – 2019/3 senior researcher, Research centre for Knowledge, Science,
Technology and Innovation Studies (TaSTI), Faculty of Social Science, University of Tampere (2008/1 -2010/12 – part time 30%) academic coordinator, Research Centre for Migration, Transnationalism and Development, Faculty of Education, University of Tampere
1999 – 2006/11 researcher/research fellow, Research Unit for Urban and Regional Development Studies (Sente), Faculty of Management, University of Tampere
Visits in foreign universities 2011 (June) University of San Jose, CA, USA, 2013 (June) Univer-
sity of Quebec, Montreal, Canada, 2013 (October) University of Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China


2019-2021Migration and Regional Economic Development (as academic manager) funded by Municipalities on Seinäjoki city-region and Migration institute of Finland.
2017-2019 Marie, Mainstreaming Responsible Innovation in European S3 (as project manager) in cooperation with Tampere Regional council and 7 European partners (Regions and Universities) (EU/ERDF Funding)
2015-2018 Open innovation platform management tools (6cities sub-project), (as project Manager UTA). In co-operation with Regional council of Tampere, Tampere development agency (Tredea) and city of Tampere, + 5 other cities. Funding, European Regional Development Fund & City of Tampere.
2013-2014 Towards Inclusive Use of Intellectual Capital [INCO] Innovation communities integrating foreign human capital to the Finnish innovation activities (in co-op with School of Management/UTA) (as project Manager) Partners: School of Management, Montreal University, CANADA and CIRCLE, University of Lund, SWEDEN Financer: TEKES (The Finnish funding agency for technology and innovation) Steering group: Nokia, Ministry of Economy and Employment, New Factory ltd.
2008 - 2011. TRANSNET, Transnationalism, Migration and Development (as researcher) Partners: University of Sussex (UK), University of Tallin (Estonia), University of Fieldfeld (Germany), University of Koc (Turkey), Center for Development Studies (India), University Paris 8, (France). Financer: European Commission's, EU7th FWP
2008-2009. Intercultural Interaction in Everyday Arenas. (as researcher/academic coordinator). Financer: Academy of Finland.
2008 – 2010. "Is internationalization worth it – Finnish Universities as International Academic Environments" (as project manager), Partners: University of Jyväskylä, Financer: Ministry of Education
2007 - 2008. Services for internationalizing labor markets: building the channels for foreign skills to Finnish economy. (as project manager), Financers: Cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, Greater Helsinki Promotion Ltd.
2005. From brain drain to brain circulation: top experts as a resource for the economy. Partner: Finnish Business and Policy Forum (EVA) (as project manager), Financer: Sampo Group and Björn Wahlroos fund.
2004 - 2006. Technology, Talent and Tolerance in European Cities: Case Finland (TTT) (as researcher in charge of Finnish team) Partners: Cardiff University, Wales; Lund Universitet, Sweden; STEP Group, Norway; University of Freiberg, Germany; University of Toronto, Canada; University of Utrecht, Netherlands; Financer: European Science Foundation, (The Academy of Finland)

Consulting as an external expert: (e.g.)
· Strategic program on International talent and immigration for the City of Tampere, as a writer, 2019

· Immigration and innovation economy project, Technical Research Center of Finland LTD. (VTT) project assigned by Government of Finland, Prime Minister’s Office 2017
· Evaluation of EU development programs in Hungary, assigned by the Regional Council of Tampe-
re/European Commission. 2014
· Evaluation of labor based migration projects (ESF) in Finland, Kuntoutussäätiö consulting, assigned
by the Ministry of Economy and Employment, 2010-2012
Member of the steering groups in several immigration related projects: (e.g. HiddenGem, Business Tampere, 2018-2020, MULTI-TRAIN 2013-2017, Academy of Finland, UTA, IMC- project, 2008–2010 ESF, Aalto University, Finland)
Expert for OECD Knowledge Triangle-project of 18 member countries (Report for OECD about Innovation
platforms in Finland) assigned by Ministry of Economy and Employment. 2016
Secretary and the member of the board of “The Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU)” 2009 & 2010
Member of the board of supervisors (second) in Migration Institute of Finland, Turku Finland 2016-2019 EVA-fellow 2005-2006. Finnish Business and Policy Forum/EVA–fellows are “respected and distinguished experts in societal issues, eager to learn and capable of analysing the Finnish society and business community”.

Referee for scientific journals: 1) Journal of European Planning Studies, 2) Journal of Transnational Net-
works Mobility 3) Innovation and Industry, and some scientific compilations (e.g. Routledge)



Raunio, M & Forsander, A. 2009. The welfare state in competition for global talent. From national protectionism to regional connectivity – the case of Finland. Peter Lang, Frankfurt.

Scientific journal articles
Andersen, K., Hansen, H., Isaksen, A. and Raunio, M 2010. Nordic City Regions in the Creative Class Debate Putting the Creative Class Thesis to a Test. Industry and Innovation, Vol. 17, no 2.
Mika Raunio, Sari Hammar-Suutari & Minna Säävälä (2010) Kohti tulevaisuuden kaupunkiyhteisöä? Monikulttuurisuus ja maahanmuuttajat Helsingin, Joensuun ja Tampereen kaupunkien strategioissa . (Multiculralism and immigrants in strategies of Helsinki, Joensuu and Tampere) Alue & Ympäristö 1/2010. pp. 40-54
Andersen, K., Hansen, H., Isaksen, A. and Raunio, M 2010. One size fits all? Applying the creative class thesis onto a Nordic context. European Planning Studies Vol. 18 (10), 1591-1609
Scientific articles in books
Raunio, M., & Säävälä, M. 2016. Workaholic or easygoing? Interpretations of National Culture in Industries with Immigrant Workforce in Finland. Finnish Yearbook of Population Research, 51, 41-60.
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Raunio, M. 2007. Creative regions and globalising social capital. Avoiding exclusion by linking, bridging and bonding foreign ICT experts in Finland? In Cooke et al (Eds.) Creative Regions. Routledge.
Raunio, M. 2007. Renewing services for internationalizing labor markets – Finnish service sector creating the channels for the foreign skills to Finnish labor markets. Conference proceedings, 17th International RE- SER-conference, Service Competitiveness and Cohesion – Balancing Dynamics in a Knowledge Society. Tampere, Finland, 13th of September 2007.
Raunio, M. & Sotarauta, M. 2005. Highly Skilled Labor Force in the Global Field of Choices: Case Finland.
Paper presented at Oxford Round Table "Adapting to Globalization in the 21st Century". St. Antony's Col- lege. University of Oxford, England. July 31 - August 5. 2005. Oxford, UK.


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International Migrations, Immigrants and Innovation policy). Ministry of Economy and Employment, Publications 33/2015.
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