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Visualizing the invisible in cell biology: The new face of the cell from the late 1980sSerpente, N.2009Graphing of Genes, Cells and Embryos: Cultures of Seeing 3D and Beyond3.2.Tartu Ülikool
Book review: ‘Objectivity’ by L. Daston and P. Galison. (2007)Serpente, N.2009Medical History6.7.Tartu Ülikool
Rap1 regulates the formation of E-cadherin-based cell-cell contactsHogan, C.; Serpente, N.; Cogram, P.; Hosking, C.R.; Bialucha, C.U.; Feller, M.S.; Braga, V.M.; Birchmeier, W.; Fujita, Y.2004Molecular and Cellular Biology1.1.Tartu Ülikool
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The regulation of the expression, phosphorylation, and protein associations of pp125(FAK) during rat brain developmentSerpente, N.; Birling, M.C.; Price, J.1996Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience1.1.Tartu Ülikool
A Natural Antisense RNA Derived From The HIV-1 env Gene Encodes a Protein Which Is Recognized By Circulating Antibodies of HIV-1+ IndividualsVanhee-Brossollet, C.; Thoreau, H.; Serpente, N.; D'Auriol, L.; Levy, J.; Vaquero, C.1995Virology1.1.Tartu Ülikool
HIV infection of choricarcinoma cell-lines derived from human placenta - The role of membrane CD4 and FC-RS into HIV-1 entryDavid, F.J.E.; Tran, H.C.; Serpente, N.; Autran, B.; Vaquero, C.; Djian, V.; Menu, E.; Barre-Sinoussi, F.; Chaouat, G.1995Virology1.1.Tartu Ülikool
Sequences in the Rev-responsive element responsible for premature translational arrest in the HIV-1 envelopeEllerbrok, H.; Serpente, N.; Sitbon, M.; d'Auriol, L.; Vaquero, C.1993European Journal of Biochemistry1.1.Tartu Ülikool
Transcriptional and Post-Transcriptional mechanisms are involved in the absence of CD4 surface expression in two chronically infected T cell linesSerpente, N.; Hemar, A.; Cefai, D.; Dautry-Varsat, A.; Fagard, R.; Fisher, S.; Vaquero, C.1993International Immunology1.1.Tartu Ülikool
Internalization of HIV-1 enveloppe glycoproteins in a human CD4 + T cell clone is associated with down modulation of CD4 and p56lck expression together with the impairment of T cell activationCefai, D.M; Ferrer, M.; Serpente, N.; Idziorek, T.; Debre, P.; Dautry-Varsat, A.; Bismuth, G.1992Journal of Immunology1.1.Tartu Ülikool
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Effect of Histamine on Human lymphocyte AggregationMaugeri, N.; Bermejo, E.; Serpente, N.; Gimeno, M.; Lazzari, M.A.1991Thrombosis Research1.1.Tartu Ülikool