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29.09.1974−19.05.2016 Vasquez, Paul Ignace


Institutions and positions
Sustainable Forest Management Research Institute. Fire and Applied Mycology Laboratory. Departments of Agroforestry Sciences, and Vegetal Production and Natural Resources. University of Valladolid (Palencia). Palencia. Spain., Phd student; Laboratory, field work, greenhouse work to edit and to publish researches related to the influence of fire in fungal communities and vice versa in the poorest soils of Northwest of Spain aiming ecosystem restoration. Also the research on the production and diversity of mushrooms through modelling with the statistical package SAS, as the first innovative model for description and prediction for forest and mushrooms management. Monitoring mycological team work for inventories and supervising foreign forestry students. In Sustainable Forest Management Research Institute Universidad of Valladolid-INIA. (0,80)


Honours & awards
2015, Pablo Ignacio Vasquez Gassibe, PhD Thesis "Fire and fungal communities associated to P. pinaster in a Mediterranean Region”Defended with cum laude distinction
2014, Pablo Ignacio Vasquez Gassibe, Received research collaboration grant (UVA-ID Forest).ECM Environmental Engineering and ID Forest- Applied Biotechnology (Spin off from Universidad de Valladolid), company dedicated to the genetic identification of organisms, specially plagues , and forest diseases , mycorrhization with edible, non edible mushroom species and the breeding of medicinal and saprophitic fungi. With emphasis on social innovation based on the ecoystems potential and its relationship with rural/indigenous communities.
2012, Pablo Ignacio Vasquez Gassibe, Received grant (Erasmus MEDFOR): MEDfOR is a two-year world-class Erasmus Mundus Master Course Programme focuses on the integrating theme of sustainability in Mediterranean forests and woodlands, which cover over 9 % of the Mediterranean region’s land area, to address topics that are specific to the Mediterranean forestry and that require special attention such as: forest as a unique world heritage, forest management and conservation and forestry role in the welfare of the Mediterranean communities.
2008, Pablo Ignacio Vasquez Gassibe, Received grant (Erasmus Mundus) for Msc studies (2008-2010): The University of Valladolid, in collaboration with the Forest Research Centre of INIA, develops, from 2003-04, a study program on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Systems for obtaining master's degrees and doctorates. The master program consists of a series of courses and the performance of work to master. Graduates of the Master in Forestry Engineering from the University of Valladolid can apply reconociento from credit (cases of graduates from other titles and centers individually studied). Upon completion of studies of this program the students can access the doctorate on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Systems.
Fields of research
ETIS CLASSIFICATION: 1. Biosciences and Environment; 1.5. Forest Sciences; CERCS CLASSIFICATION: B430 Sylviculture, forestry, forestry technology ; SPECIFICATION: Forest Mycology
Additional information
Latest activities :
-Winter 2017 Collaboration with the Forest Mycology department in the Zvolen Technical University, Slovakia.
-Autumn 2016 Assistant in the Institute of Botany/Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Analysis of hypogeous fungi in the diet of small mammals and their dispersal in the Carpathian Mountains range in southern Poland.
-Collaboration with the Natural Museum of Latvia (Riga)for the mycological foray and expositions in autumn 2015 and spring 2016
-Attendance to mycological foray of University of Tartu in spring 2016
- Working on article about Pinus nigra and the fungal activity after fire

-Jornadas 2010 IV Reunión Jóvenes Investigadores, Segovia, España presentación oral: MODELIZACIÓN DE PRODUCCIÓN DE HONGOS EN AREAS MEDITERRANEAS AFECTADAS POR EL FUEGO
-THE INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH GROUP ON WOOD PROTECTION, IUFRO; 2012, Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal. Succession after Fire of Fungal Fruiting Bodies in Mediterranean Pinus pinaster stands in Spain.
-Jornadas 2013 VI Reunión Jóvenes Investigadores, Segovia, España presentación oral: MODELIZACIÓN DE PRODUCCIÓN DE HONGOS EN AREAS MEDITERRANEAS AFECTADAS POR EL FUEGO.
-VI Congreso Forestal Español, Montes, Servicios y Desarrollo Rural: 10-14 Junio, Vitoria–Gasteiz. 2013 España: Sucesión fúngica post-fuego en masas de Pinus pinaster del Noroeste de la Península Ibérica; Modelos de clasificación para la producción fúngica tras un incendio en masas de Pinus pinaster.
-Succession and production models after Fire of Fungal Fruiting Bodies in Mediterranean Pinus pinaster stands in Spain. Abstracts in the International Forestry Review 16 (5) 2014, pp 508. Presented in -IUFRO World Congress 2014, Salt Lake City, USA.
-FUNGAL COMMUNITIES ASSOCIATED TO P.PINASTER IN A MEDITERRANEAN REGION. Scientific conference of the state of Latvia forest sector “Knowledge based forest sector”, EFI associated event, Riga, Latvia. 2015.



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P. pinaster under extreme ecological conditions provides high fungal production and diversityGassibe, P.V.; Oria-de-Rueda, J.A.; Martín-Pinto, P.2015Forest Ecology and Management1.1.
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Fungal community succession following wildfire in a Mediterranean vegetation type dominated by Pinus pinaster in Northwest SpainGassibe, P.V.; Fabero, R.F.; Hernández-Rodríguez, M.; Oria-de-Rueda, J.A.; Martín-Pinto, P.2011Forest Ecology and Management1.1.