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University of Cambridge, Muu (teadustöötaja) (1,00)
PhD researcher as part of the IN AFRICA Project, University of Cambridge, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology (thesis defence in July 2017)
Msc Quaternary Science (Royal Holloway University of London/University College London) (mark recieved = First Class)
BA Archaeology (University College Cork, Ireland) (mark recieved = 2.1)
Teadusorganisatsiooniline ja -administratiivne tegevus
Teaching experience
Laboratory Experience
Fieldwork Experience
• Conference organisation/volunteering: ‘The African Roots of Human Behaviour Symposium’ (University of Cambridge, May 2014) and ‘the Professor Russell Coope memorial lectures’ (Royal Holloway, University of London, June 2011).
• Joint organiser of Biological Anthropology Lunchtime Seminar Series (2013-2015), University of Cambridge
• Providing tours of laboratory facilities at RHUL and University of Cambridge for prospective students.
• Demonstrator/outreach at Human Evolution and Palaeobotany exhibits at Cambridge Science festival (2014-2017)
• Served on Royal Holloway and University College London Department of Geography staff/student committee.
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• Operation of technical and field-based equipment (D) GPS, Total Station, coring equipment)
• Use of specialist computing software (ArcGis, Canoco, R, OxCal, C2, PAST)
• Use of graphics software (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketchup);
• 2012 to present – member of the Irish Quaternary Association
• 2011 to present – member of the Quaternary Research Association
• 2014 to present- affiliate of the National Museum of Kenya
• 2013 to present - affiliate of the British Institute in East Africa
• 2013 to present – member of Cambridge University Philosophical Society;


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2017, Peter Griffith, Awarded Philosophical Society Research Studentships (£750) to fund completion research on Holocene lake levels of Lake Turkana
2016, Peter Griffith, Department of Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge travel grant of £500
2013, Peter Griffith, 3 year European Research Council funded PhD Studentship
2007, Peter Griffith, Awarded title of ‘College Scholar’, by U.C.C. Academic Council and Governing Body for outstanding academic results
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VALDKOND: 1. Bio- ja keskkonnateadused; 1.10. Geograafia ja regionaaluuringud; CERCS ERIALA: P510 Füüsiline geograafia, geomorfoloogia, mullateadus, kartograafia, klimatoloogia


Institution(s) and position(s)
University of Cambridge, PhD research (due to defend thesis in March 2018) (1,00)
PhD title: late Quaternary palaeoenvironments of the Nakuru-Naivasha Basin, Kenya (Supervised by Professor Robert Foley). The main component of my doctoral research involves the reconstruction of environmental conditions in the Nakuru-Naivasha Basin, Kenya. Here sedimentary archives point to a complex history of lake level changes of over 150 m associated with high amplitude changes in African monsoon intensity over the last 120 thousand years. Plant phytolith and geochemical analysis of archeologically rich volcanic palaeosol sequences in the basin were studied, in order to better understand local environmental responses to regional climatic changes and the ecological context of social and technological changes recorded in Middle Stone Age to Late Stone Age archaeological sequences in the area
This course provided knowledge of Quaternary environments and training in multi-proxy techniques. Completed modules: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy; High-Precision Age Modelling; Palaeoclimatology; Principles of Quaternary Research; Quantitative Environmental Palaeoecology; Scottish Highlands field course; Micromorphology; Tephrochronology; Human Evolution; Palynology; Coleoptera. Dissertation: ‘Cryptotephra studies at the Middle Palaeolithic cave site of Lusakert 1, Armenia’ (First Class) (Supervised by Dr. Simon Blockley, advisers: Dr. Keith Wilkinson and Dr. Daniel Adler)
R&D related managerial and administrative work
• Michaelmas and Lent terms 2016-2017 Supervision 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students for BAN3 (Hominin Evolution and Palaeolithic Archaeology) for Professor Robert Foley and Dr. Philip Nigst, University of Cambridge • 2015- ad-hoc laboratory demonstrator in palaeobotanical techniques for undergraduate students in The George Pitt-Rivers Laboratory for Bio-Archaeology, University of Cambridge • Michaelmas term 2016. Laboratory demonstrator for field techniques 1st year undergraduate, Department of Geography, Cambridge– levelling across river channels, measuring water width, depth, velocity, water quality, collection of invertebrate kick-samples, description and particle size analysis of sediment
• Laboratory analysis of sediments – particle-size distribution (manual and automated (Malvern Mastersizer 2000 instrument), lithology, calcium carbonate analysis, L.O.I, • Preparation of sediment samples for ICP-OES analysis • Sample preparation for XRD and data collection • Micro-scale analysis of Quaternary sediments and tephras (micromorphology) • Preparation and identification of tephra samples, preparation and geochemical analysis of tephra using laser ablation analysis ICP-MS and Wavelength-Dispersive Spectroscopy, Electron MicroProbe Analysis (WDS-EMPA) • Preparation of phytolith, coleoptera and plant macrofossil samples • Identification of pollen from key European plant taxa • Identification of fossil mammalian microfauna from the British Isles • Basic identification of human and mammalian skeletal remains
• July-August 2015 and 2016: Sedimentology and stratigraphy, sampling for environmental proxies and geochronology of Middle and Late Pleistocene fluvio-lacustrine sequences around Lake Turkana, Kenya (with Prof. Hema Achyuthan) • Excavation and geoarcholgical sampling at Prospect Farm Formation, Nakuru, Kenya (with 'In Afric Project') • July-August 2014: Field survey and sampling of relict Holocene beach shorelines, west of Lake Turkana Kenya (with Prof. Hema Achyuthan) • March 2014: Sedimentology, stratigraphy and sampling of the Middle Pleistocene Cromer-Forest beds, Norfolk, UK. (with Francis Rowney and Dr Nicki Whitehouse) • January 2014: Sedimentology and stratigraphy and artefact density survey of Prospect Farm archaeological site, and collection of samples for phytolith analysis Nakuru, Kenya. (with 'In Africa' project) • June and August 2013 - Field survey of Pleistocene fossil and archaeological material and sedimentology of geological section in Nakuru, Kenya and Turkana, Kenya. (with 'In Africa' project) • April 2012 - RHUL Quaternary of the Scottish Highlands field trip • October 2011 - RHUL Quaternary sedimentology and stratigraphy of South Wales and East Anglia field trips • Summer 2009 – Volunteer excavator with the University Of Geneva of a Mesolithic/Neolithic rock shelter near Grenoble, France. • January 2008 - U.C.C Archaeological filed survey of County Tipperary, Ireland
Creative work
Additional career information


Honours & awards
2017, Peter Griffith,
2016, Peter Griffith,
2013, Peter Griffith,
2007, Peter Griffith,
Field of research
FIELD OF RESEARCH: 1. Biosciences and Environment; 1.10. Geography and Regional Studies; CERCS SPECIALITY: P510 Physical geography, geomorphology, pedology, cartography, climatology ; SPECIALITY: Quaternary palaeoecology, sedimentology, tephrostratigraphy, sediment geochemistry
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Ancient human parallel lineages within North America contributed to a coastal expansion.Scheib, C L; Li, Hongjie; Desai, Tariq; Link, Vivian; Kendall, Christopher; Dewar, Genevieve; Griffith, Peter William; Mörseburg, Alexander; Johnson, John R; Potter, Amiee; Kerr, Susan L; Endicott, Phillip; Lindo, John; Haber, Marc; Xue, Yali; Tyler-Smith, Chris; Sandhu, Manjinder S; Lorenz, Joseph G; Randall, Tori D; Faltyskova, Zuzana ... Kivisild, Toomas2018Science1.1.Tartu Ülikool, Tartu Ülikooli genoomika instituut