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Areas of specialization: aquatic ecology, evolutionary ecology, behavioral ecology, ecological parasitology and ecological immunology.

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Avian predation on parasitic fly of cervids during winter: can host-related cues increase the predation risk?Kaunisto, Sirpa; Kortet, Raine; Välimäki, Panu; Koskimäki, Jari; Härkönen, Sauli; Kaitala, Arja; Laaksonen, Sauli; Härkönen, Laura; Ylönen, Hannu2012Biological Journal of the Linnean Society1.1.
Geographic variation in host use of a blood-feeding ectoparasitic fly: implications for population invasivenessVälimäki, Panu; Kaitala, Arja; Härkönen, Laura; Varkonyi, Gergely; Heikkilä,Jari; Jaakola, Mervi; Ylönen, Hannu; Kortet, Raine2011Oecologia1.1.
Fennoscandian distribution of an important parasite of cervids, the deer ked (Lipoptena cervi) revisitedVälimäki, Panu; Madslien, Knut; Malmsten, Jonas; Härkönen, Laura; Härkönen, Sauli; Kaitala, Arja; Kortet, Raine; Laaksonen, Sauli; Mehl, Reidar; Redford, Lisa; Ylönen, Hannu; Ytrehus, Björnar2010Parasitology Research1.1.