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Informaatika ja Arvutustehnika Instituudi AS, Professor (1,00)
Computer Science College
Informaatika ja Arvutustehnika Instituudi AS, Muu ... (1,00)
International University "LEX", professor of mathematics
Head of Laboratory, Firm Desintegrator,Tallinn
junior, senior reseaerch worker, Institute of Physics, Tartu
Dr. of Science, Institute Physiocs, Tartu
Ph. D, Tartu State University
Tartu State University
Teadusorganisatsiooniline ja -administratiivne tegevus
Head of Department of Mathematics and Physics
Head of Departament of Mathematics and Physics, Computer Science College
Head of Department of Applied Mathjematics, Universityu "LEX"
See below the short form of my Rezume


Professor V.G.PLEKHANOV, Dr. Sci.

Experienced professional who is used to working efficiently under difficult conditions. Prefers research and has a deep knowledge of solid state physics (lattice dynamics and electronic excitation, Raman and optical spectroscopy, luminescence, anharmonicity, nonlinear optics, insulators, semiconductors, metals and polymers, and isotope effect in solid state physics; as well as isotope engineering –new isotope pure materials(Si, Ge, diamond, SiO2 etc) for computer memory, quantum computer, fiber optics and so on).
Discovered the isotope effect on exciton binding energy (Wannier-Mott exciton model), experimental evidence of self-trapped electrons and quantum diffusion of Vk center in insulators as well as the effect of the isotope disorder on the phonon and exciton states. Supervision of post-graduate Ph. D. students since 1975. Ten post-graduate students received their Ph. D degrees in physics under supervision.
Deep knowledge of Precalculus, Calculus (first and second teaching year),Power series and Differential equations as well as Linear Algebra (Basic and College, including Analytical Geometry) and its applications.
2002 Head Department of Mathematics and Physics in Computer Science College
2001 Professor of Mathematics in Computer Science College.
1982 Dr. Science in Physics and Mathematics; Full Professor in Institute of Physics of the Estonian Academy of Sciences (IPEAS).
1980 Senior research worker (associate professor).
1972 Ph. D in (TSU).
1964-1968 Tartu State University (TSU).
1995 To Present: Professor of Mathematics of the Computer Science College (CSC), Tallinn, Estonia.
1994-1995: Scientific Director of CSC.
1993-1994: Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics, International University (IU), Tallin, Estonia.
1992-1994: Professor of Applied Mathematics (IU).
1991 To Present: Leader of small scientific lab in a private firm.
1987-1991: Head of a scientific laboratory at Desintegrator Firm (DF), Tallinn, Estonia. Supervised 7 assistants, 3 aspirants and one secretary.
1976-1987: Senior research worker at IPEAS. Supervised graduate and post-graduated students. Ph. D advisor.
1968-1976: Junior research worker at the IPEAS, Tartu, Estonia.
Approx. 150 publications (twelve reviews) in different scientific referee journals both in English and in Russian.
Author of two mathematics college textbooks: Published 1998 and 2000.
PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS:Participation in international conferences in the former Soviet Union, France, Germany, Bulgaria, USA,Estonia and Japan.
REFERENCES: Available upon request.

Most Important Papers by Professor of Physics and Mathematics V.G. Plekhanov

1. V.G. Plekhanov, Low temperature investigation of lead chloride luminescence under X-ray and photoexcitation, Sov. Phys. Solid
State Phys. Vol. 13, N12, 3687- 3689 (1971).
2. G.G. Liidja and V.G. Plekhanov. Low temperature X - ray and photoluminescence of lead halide crystals, J . Luminescence, Vol. 6,
N2, 71-76 (1973).
3. V.G. Plekhanov, V.A. Pustovarov, Excitons and some peculiarities of the exciton phonon interaction in LiH and LiD, Sov. Phys. Solid
State Phys. Vol. 18,N8 2438-2441 (1976).
4. V.G. Plekhanov, A.A. O’Konnel-Bronin, Experimental manifestation of the polarization interaction of the excitons with phonons
in wide-gap insulators, Sov. Phys. JETP Lett. Vol. 27, N1, 27-30 (1978).
5. Ch. Lushchik, l. Kuusmann, V.G.P lekhanov, Luminescence of free and self-trapped excitons in ionic insulators, J. Luminescence,
Vol. 18/19, N1, 11-18 (1979).
6. V.G. Plekhanov, Resonant secondary emission spectra and some peculiarities of relaxation processes in crystals with self-trapped
excitons, Proc. Int Conf. LASERS’80 STS Press McLean, VA, USA, 94-99 (1981).
7. A.A. Klochikhin, V.G.Plekhanov, Isotopical effect on the Wannier-Mott exciton level, Sov. Phys. Solid State Phys. Vol. 22, N2, 342-345
8. G.S. Zavt, V.G.Plekhanov, V.V.Hizhnyakov. Vibrational relaxation and hot luminescence in impurity centres with a strong vibronic
coupling, J. Phys. C: Solid State Phys. Vol. 17, N16, 2839-2858 (1984).
9. V.G. Plekhanov,A.V.Emelyanenko, and A.U.Grinfelds, Excitonic structure of NaI and LiH crystals cleaved in liquid helium, Phys. Lett.,
Vol. A101, N5-6, 291-294 (1984).
10. V.G. Plekhanov and V.I. AItukhov, Light scattering in LiH crystals with LO phonons emission, J. Raman Spectr. Vol. 16, N6, 358-365
11. V.G. Plekhanov, The influence of the surface state on the testifation of the exciton states in the wide-gap insulators, Sov. Phys.
Optics and Spectr. Vol. 62, N6, 1300-1307 ( 1987).
12. V.G. Plekhanov, Effect of the isotope on exciton binding energy, Proc. 20 Int. Conf. Phys Semicond., August 1990, Thessaloniki,
Greece, 1955-1958 (1990).
13. V.G. Plekhanov, Wide-gap ionic insulators excitonic nonlinearity and its potential applications in solid-state lasers, Proc. Int. Conf.
Advances Solid-State Lasers, March 1990, Salt Lake City, UT., SOQUE, USA.
14. V.G .Plekhanov, Electron-phonon interaction and exciton nonlinearity in insulators, Bulletin American Phys. Soc. Vol. 36, N7, 1971
15. V.G. Plekhanov, V.A.Veltri, The concentration shift of the local mode frequency in crystals with isotopical impurity, Solid State
Commun. Vol. 83, N7, 53l-534 (1992).
16. V.G. Plekhanov, A.V. Emel’yanenko, Free exciton lines broadening in LiH1-x Dx, crystals. Sov. Phys. Solid State, Vol. 34 (N6)
1705-1710 (1992).
17. V.G. Plekhanov, Second-order Raman scattering spectra of LiHx D1-x mixed crystals, Optics and Spectr. (St-Petersburg) Vol. 76
( N1) 59-65 (1994).
18. V.G. Plekhanov, Experimental evidence of strong phonon scattering in isotopical disordered systems: The case of LiHxD1-x,
Phys. Rev. Vol. B51, 8874-8878 (1995).
19. V.G. Plekhanov, Isotope-Induced energy-spectrum renormalization of the Wannier-Mott exciton in LiH crystals, Phys. Rev.
B54 (N6) 3869-3877 (1996).
20. V.G. Plekhanov, N.V. Plekhanov, Isotope dependence of band-gap energy, Phys. Lett. A313 (No 3) 231-237 (2003).
21. В.Г. Плеханов, Квантовая информация и ее защита, Проблемы информационной безопасностии (С-Петербург)
No 1, 57 (2003).
1. V.G. Plekhanov, Exciton spectroscopy of isotopic crystals, Optics and Spectr. (St. Petersburg) 79 (No 5) 778-799
2. V.G. Plekhanov, Lattice dynamics of isotopically mixed crystals, Optics and Spectr. (St. Petersburg) 82, 95 -124
3. V.G. Plekhanov, Isotopic and disorder effects in large exciton spectroscopy, Uspekhi Fiz. Nauk (Moscow), 167,
577—604 (1997) (Physics-Uspekhi 40, No 6, 553-579 (1997)).
4. V.G. Plekhanov, Wannier-Mott excitons in isotope-disordered crystals, Rep. Progress in Physics. 61 (No 8)
1045 -1097 (1998).
5. V.G. Plekhanov, Isotope engineering, Uspekhi Fiz. Nauk (Moscow) 170 (No 11) 1245-1255 (2000); (Physics-Uspekhi
43 (N 11) 1147-1154 (2000).
6. V.G. Plekhanov, Isotope and disorder effects in the Raman spectra of LiHxD1-x Crystals, J. Raman Spectroscopy, 32
( No 8) 631 –642 ( 2001)
7. V.G. Plekhanov, Isotope effects on the lattice dynamics of crystals, Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports 35
(N4-6) 139 –238 (2001).
8. V.G. Plekhanov, Comparative study of isotope and chemical effects on the exciton states in LiH crystals, Progress in
Solid State Chem., 29, 71 – 177 (2001).
9. V.G. Plekhanov, Lead halides: electronic properties and applications, Progress in Materials Science 49 (N6)
787 – 886 (2004).
10. V.G. Plekhanov, Isotope effects in the lattice dynamics, Uspekhi Fiz. Nauk (Moscow) 173 (No 7) 711-739 (2003);
(Physics-Uspekhi 43 (No &) 689-715 (2003)).
11. V.G. Plekhanov, Applications of Isotope Effects in Solids, J. Materials Science 38 (No 16) 3341 - 3429 (2003).
12. В.Г. Плеханов, Квантовая информация и квантовые вычисления, Сборник статей Колледжа вычислительной
техники, стр. 161 – 281 (2004).
13. V.G. Plekhanov, Elementary excitations in isotope-mixed crystals, Phys. Reports, 410 (No1-3) 1-235 (2005).
14. V.G. Plekhanov, Fundamentals and Applications of Isotope Effect in Solids, Progress in Materials Science 51
(N3) 287 – 426 (2006).


1. Ch B. Lushchik, F.F. Gavrilov, G.S. Zavt, V.G. Plekhanov, S.O. Cholakh, Electronic excitations and defects in LiH
crystals, Nauka, Moscow, 1985 (in Russian).
2. V.G. Plekhanov, Isotope Effects in Solid State Physics, in Semiconductors and Semimetals (eds. R.K. Willardson
and E. R. Weber, Academic Press, New York, London, 2001) Vol. 68.
3. V.G. Plekhanov, Applications of the Isotopic Effect in Solids, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg (2004).


1. V.G. Plekhanov, Matrix Algebra and Its Application in Economics, Tallinn, 1998 (in Russian).
2. V.G. Plekhanov, Grounds of Calculus, Tallinn, 2000 (in Russian).


Teadustöö põhisuunad
ETIS KLASSIFIKAATOR: 4. Loodusteadused ja tehnika; 4.10. Füüsika; TÄPSUSTUS: Theoretical physics and condensed martter physics
ETIS KLASSIFIKAATOR: 4. Loodusteadused ja tehnika; 4.10. Füüsika; TÄPSUSTUS: Theoretical Physics
ETIS KLASSIFIKAATOR: 4. Loodusteadused ja tehnika; 4.10. Füüsika

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Tartu University


Fields of research
ETIS CLASSIFICATION: 4. Natural Sciences and Engineering; 4.10. Physics and Technical Physics
ETIS CLASSIFICATION: 4. Natural Sciences and Engineering; 4.10. Physics and Technical Physics
ETIS CLASSIFICATION: 4. Natural Sciences and Engineering; 4.10. Physics and Technical Physics

Supervised dissertations



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Fundamentals and Applications of Isotope Effect in Modern TechnologyPlekhanov, Vladimir2006Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology1.1.Informaatika ja Arvutustehnika Instituudi AS
Applications of Isotopic effect in soldsPlekhanov, Vladimir20042.1.Informaatika ja Arvutustehnika Instituudi AS
Giant Isotope Effect in SolidsPlekhanov, Vladimir20042.2.Informaatika ja Arvutustehnika Instituudi AS
Isotope Dependence of Band-gap EnergyPlekhanov, Vladimir; Plekhanov, Nikita2003Physics Letters A1.1.Informaatika ja Arvutustehnika Instituudi AS
Isotope Effect in Lattice DynamicsPlekhanov, Vladimir2003Physics-Uspekhi1.1.Informaatika ja Arvutustehnika Instituudi AS
Isotope Effects in Solid State PhysicsPlekhanov, Vladimir.20012.1.
Isotope Effects in Solid State Physics, Academic, NY, 2001; Giant Isotope Effect in Solids, S.-University Press, La Jolla, USA, 2004; Applications of the Isotopic Effect in Solids, Springer, Berlin, 2004. Surname1, Plekhanov; Firstname1, Vladimir20012.1.