Institution(s) and position(s)
Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NIGPAS), Junior Researcher (0,80)


Honours & awards
2015, Yan Liang, “Excellent Student Prize” of the Presidential Fellowship of Chinese Academy of Sciences
2014, Yan Liang, Awarded as the best oral presentation at the IGCP 591 Field Workshop 2014 in conjunction with ISSS, ISOS and ISCS in Kunming China.
2012, Yan Liang, “Wu Yee Sun” Scholarship of Nanjing Branch of CAS, China
2009, Yan Liang, The thesis for bachelor’s degree entitled “The biostratigraphy of Jurassic reefal strata in Qaidam, NW China” was selected as one of the Best Theses of the University Graduates in Hubei Province, China
2009, Yan Liang, Awarded as one of the Outstanding Student Cadres for three years in succession
Field of research
FIELD OF RESEARCH: 4. Natural Sciences and Engineering; 4.2. Geosciences; CERCS SPECIALITY: P450 Stratigraphy ; SPECIALITY: Ordovician and Silurian chitinozoan biostratigraphy
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ProgramTypeNumberNameProject startProject endPrincipal investigatorInstitutionFinancing
MOBJDMOBJD62The emergence of chitinozoans on Baltica: diversification, biostratigraphy and biogeographic links during the Early and Middle Ordovician01.09.201731.08.2019Yan LiangTallinn University of Technology , Institute of Geology at TUT72 010,00 EUR