Materials for use in general hyperthermia treatment
Patentne leiutis: Materials for use in general hyperthermia treatment; Omanikud: Tartu Ülikool, Loodus- ja täppisteaduste valdkond, füüsika instituut; Autorid: Yury Orlovskiy, Victor Loschenov, Alexander Vanetsev, Anastasiya Ryabova, Konstantin Pukhov, Ilmo Sildos, Alexandr Popov; Prioriteedi number: GB1412935.7; Prioriteedi kuupäev: 21.07.2014.
Patentne leiutis
Materials for use in general hyperthermia treatment
The invention provides a novel approach to hyperthermia 5 for cancer treatment based on multiphonon relaxation of optical excitation in rare-earth (particularly Dy3+) doped nanocrystals after laser irradiation that allows fast and accurate local heating to a preset temperature. A collection of nanoparticles suitable for use in hyperthermia treatment of 10 cancerous and non-cancerous cells by laser irradiation in the wavelength of the transparency window of biological tissue (800nm – 1300 nm) preferably 800 – 900 nm is provided, wherein each nanoparticle comprises a crystalline host structure, and at least one species of rare-earth dopant ion. The at least one species of rare-earth dopant ion may be Dy3+, Sm3+, Eu3+, 15 Tb3+, Ho3+, Tm3+, Pr3+, Nd3+, and Er3+ ions. The crystalline host structure may be a dielectric such as a phosphate, a vanadate, a molibdate, a tungstate, an oxide or a fluoride, or a semiconductor material. The heating effect is observed at low dopant concentrations, for example the 20 concentration of the at least one species of dopant may be in the range to 5 to 100 molar %. However, the heating effect is proportional to the dopant concentration, therefore the higher the dopant concentrations the higher the change in temperature of the nanoparticles upon irradiation, therefore the dopant concentration is preferably in the range 80 to 100 molar %, more 25 preferably in the range 90 to 100 molar % or still more preferably 95.0 to 100.0 molar %.
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