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Patentne leiutis: 發明專利說明書 ; Omanikud: ITRI (Industrial technology research institute); Autorid: Rudolf Kiefer; Prioriteedi number: P54990094TW; Prioriteedi kuupäev: 9.02.2011.
Patentne leiutis
Nanobubble effect in solid polymer changing modulus
A fiber containing nanobubbles and a fabrication method thereof are provided. The method includes providing a polymer material to mix with a photoactive compound to form a mixture. A spinning process is performed to the mixture to form fibers. After the fibers are solidified, a light irradiation or a thermal treatment is performed on the solid fibers to make the photoactive compound releases a gas. The gas forms a plurality of closed nanobubbles in the fibers and the nanobubbles have a size between 300nm and 800nm.
  • ITRI (Industrial technology research institute)
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The patent document can,t be submit because of classified information and company law of ITRI (confidential document)
Taiwan and China
Taiwan, Hiina provints (CHN)
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3.12.2009P54980036TW, P54980036CNITRI Patent