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Ilmunud on ajakirja HUMOR erinumber

31.07.2019       Anne Ostrak

Liisi Laineste and Sharon Lockyer edited a special issue of HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research titled “Jokes, Targets and Spontaneous Order” (published in June 2019) to pay tribute to the esteemed and influential humour scholar, Christie Davies, and his important contribution to humour studies, social sciences, academia more broadly, and beyond.

The aim was to bring together a varied mix of contributions from his colleagues, friends and students and to give a flavour of Christie’s interests and influences across topics, disciplines and continents. Authors are from United Kingdom, America, Japan, Italy, Poland and Greece. They represent different disciplinary perspectives (e.g. folklore, sociolinguistics, linguistics, philosophy, American literature and culture, translation studies). The editors have also included a bibliography of Christie’s impressive and all-encompassing publications from academic articles through to arts reviews compiled by Moira Marsh.


Elliott Oring "Oppositions, Overlaps, and Ontologies: The General Theory of Verbal Humor Revisited”
Delia Chiaro "Tearing up the Sanity Clause: A Class Action”
Hannah Baldwin "Was it you who died, or your brother?”
Giacinto Palmieri "Between cant and Kant: Christie Davies and the (im?)possibility of seriousness in humour studies"
Jan Chovanec "Early Titanic jokes: A disaster for the theory of disaster jokes?”
ISS (International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter) "Christie Davies at the Humour Summer School"
Dorota Brzozowska & Wladyslaw Chlopicki "The Chinese as targets in Polish humorous discourse”
Villy Tsakona & Argiris Archakis "Racism in recent Greek immigrant/refugee jokes”
Goh Abe "Lessons Learned about Humor from J.C.H. Davies and Examples in his Home Collection"
Holger Kersten "America's Faith in the Laugh Resistance – Popular Beliefs about Political Humor in the 2016 Presidential Elections"
Moira Marsh "Select Bibliography of Christie Davies’ Works"