1987-1993 Diplom ajaloo- ja ajalooõpetaja erialal, TÜ Filosoofiateaduskond
2004-2009 Humanitaarteaduste magister infokorralduse erialal, TÜ Filosoofiateaduskond
2006 ICOM CIDOC liige
2013 ICOM CIDOC juhatuse liige
ICOM CIDOC töögruppide Documentation Standards (alates 2009) ja Intangible Cultural Heritage liige (alates 2014)
2008 ICOM Eesti Rahvuskomitee juhatuse liige
2010 - KM muuseuminõukogu liige
2012 - KM muuseuminõukogu Kogumis- ja säilitustöö komisjoni esimees


Töökohad ja ametid
Tartu Ülikool, Sotsiaalteaduste valdkond, ühiskonnateaduste instituut, infohalduse assistent (0,25)
Tartu Ülikool, Sotsiaal- ja haridusteaduskond, Ühiskonnateaduste instituut, infohalduse assistent (0,25)
I have over 20 years of experience in the field of museum documentation.
Currently I am the Head of the Collections Department, Tartu City museum, Estonia.

In addition I have of experience in the creation and implementation of a computer-based museum documentation system and in the advising the staff of all Estonian museums to use a documentation system which are the topics I am closely related to on a daily basis.
Since 2007 I have been teaching university students on museum documentation at the University of Tartu. Currently I am Information Management Specialist Institute of Social Studies, University of Tartu. I am engaged in communication within the knowledge management of organizations.
My professional research is documentation of museum objects – that is how to document information related to the objects preserved by museums, how it should be administered in the present and how to guarantee its unambiguous understanding and approach in the future.

2012 I am the president of Museum Collections to the Ministry of Culture. I have been related to relevant legislation (the collection policy, the Museums Act) and documentation procedural manuals of museums in Estonia.

2010 I belong to the board of the ICOM Estonian national Committee.

2013 I am a board member in ICOM - CIDOC.

I have a diploma in history (1993) and a Master’s degree (MA) in Information Management (2009), the University of Tartu.


Institutions and positions
University of Tartu, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Social Studies, Assistant of Information Management (0,25)
University of Tartu, Faculty of Social Sciences and Education, Institute of Social Studies, Assistant of Information Management (0,25)