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PUT; PUT_OPPUT717Demokraatia mustrid: demokraatia mõõtmine Balti riikides, Ida-Euroopas ja Venemaal01.01.201531.12.2018Vello Andres PettaiTartu Ülikool, sotsiaalteaduste valdkond, Johan Skytte poliitikauuringute instituut129 600,00 EUR
IUTIUT20-39Poliitiline kogukond muutuste keerises. Identiteet, suveräänsus ja demokraatia teisenevas maailmas01.01.201431.12.2019Eiki BergTartu Ülikool, sotsiaalteaduste valdkond, Johan Skytte poliitikauuringute instituut359 600,00 EUR
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Analyzing anti-homosexual legal act as a tool of limitation: case study of RussiaDmitri LipovskimagistrikraadAndrey MakarychevKaitstud2015Tartu Ülikool
Could Effective Usage of Social Media Increase Soft Power of the Small States? Estonia`s ExampleMartin NaggelmagistrikraadAndrey MakarychevKaitstud2015Tartu Ülikool
Country branding as a way to increase country's international importance and the brand of EstoniaSten-Arne OtsmaamagistrikraadAndrey MakarychevKaitstud2016Tartu Ülikool
Discourses and Emotions in Narration of the Annexation of Crimean Peninsula by the Russian FederationOleg RemizovmagistrikraadAndrey MakarychevKaitstud2015Tartu Ülikool
Geopolitics of Sports Mega-events: Why is International Sport Moving to Emerging Countries?Ranno KoorepmagistrikraadAndrey MakarychevKaitstud2016Tartu Ülikool
NATO military interventions in Kosovo, Libya, Afghanistan and their impact on relations with Russia after the Cold WarDovydas RogulismagistrikraadAndrey MakarychevKaitstud2014Tartu Ülikool
New Regionalist Approach to Multilateral Cooperation in the High NorthSiim MändojamagistrikraadAndrey MakarychevJuhendamiselTartu Ülikool
Russia and the West: Struggle for Normative HegemonyKakabadze, ShotamagistrikraadAndrey MakarychevKaitstud2015Tartu Ülikool, Tartu Ülikooli Euroopa Kolledž
Russia's quest for international status during Vladimir Putin's third presidential termGivi GigitashvilimagistrikraadAndrey MakarychevKaitstud2016Tartu Ülikool
Russia's role in the South Caucasus - Possible implications of Armenia's accession to the Eurasian Economic Union for regional securityChristopher Martin ForstmagistrikraadAndrey MakarychevKaitstud2015Tartu Ülikool
The Contemporary Development of the Concept of the Twin Cities: The Case of Cross-Border Cooperation between Narva and IvangorodSergei TambimagistrikraadAndrey MakarychevKaitstud2016Tartu Ülikool
The Nature of the European Union Discourse Articulated by the Georgian Orthodox ChurchZaza GordezianimagistrikraadAndrey MakarychevKaitstud2016Tartu Ülikool