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"Institutional Research Funding" project IUT20-14
IUT20-14 (IUT20-14) "The Chemistry of Superacids and Superbases and its Hi-Tech Applications (1.01.2014−31.12.2019)", Ivo Leito, University of Tartu, Faculty of Science and Technology, Institute of Chemistry.
Superhapete ja superaluste keemia ja selle kõrgtehnoloogilised rakendused
The Chemistry of Superacids and Superbases and its Hi-Tech Applications
R&D project
Institutional Research Funding
Field of researchSubfieldCERCS specialtyFrascati Manual specialtyPercent
4. Natural Sciences and Engineering4.11. Chemistry and Chemical TechnologyP400 Physical chemistry 1.3. Chemical sciences (chemistry, other allied subjects)50,0
4. Natural Sciences and Engineering4.12. Process Technology and Materials ScienceT150 Material technology 2.3. Other engineering sciences (such as chemical, aeronautical and space, mechanical, metallurgical and materials engineering, and their specialised subdivisions forest products applied sciences such as geodesy, industrial chemistry, etc. the science and technology of food production specialised technologies of interdisciplinary fields, e.g. systems analysis, metallurgy, mining, textile technology and other allied subjects)25,0
4. Natural Sciences and Engineering4.11. Chemistry and Chemical TechnologyP390 Organic chemistry 1.3. Chemical sciences (chemistry, other allied subjects)25,0
01.01.2014−31.12.2014306 200,00 EUR
01.01.2015−31.12.2015306 200,00 EUR
01.01.2016−31.12.2016306 200,00 EUR
01.01.2017−31.12.2017306 200,00 EUR
01.01.2018−31.12.2018306 200,00 EUR
01.01.2019−31.12.2019306 200,00 EUR
1 837 200,00 EUR
0,00 EUR

Projekti eesmärgiks on märkimisväärne arenguhüpe superhapete ja superaluste keemias. Olulisimad kavandatud tulemused: (1) Uute superhapete/superaluste disain, süntees ja happelisuse/aluselisuse mõõtmine viivad rea uute superhapete/superaluste loomiseni, happelisuse/aluselisuse põhjuste sügavama mõistmise ja superhapete/superaluste tugevuste seniste "kasvupiiride" murdmiseni; (2) Gaasifaasilised superhappelisuse ja superaluselisuse skaalad laienevad ning seotakse omavahel, misläbi osutub esmakordselt võimalikuks ühendatud eksperimentaalse gaasifaasilise happelisuse-aluselisuse skaala koostamine; (3) Absoluutse pH skaala (pHabs) kontseptsioon realiseeritakse eksperimentaalselt misläbi osutub esmakordselt võimalikuks mistahes keskkondade (sh superhapete/superaluste) happelisuste vahetu võrdlemine; (4) Ülitugevate karboraanhapete H(CB11H12) derivaatide saamiseks luuakse efektiivne sünteesitee ja seeläbi avanevad võimalused nende ainete kõrgtehnoloogilisteks rakendusteks.
The project aims at a radical leap forward and partial redefinition of the chemistry of superacids and superbases. Highlights: (1) New superacids and superbases will be designed, synthesized and their acidity/basicity measured. New knowledge will be gained on their optimal electronic structure, which is expected to lead to breaking the existing "limits of growth" for the acidity or basicity of superacids and superbases; (2) Extending the gas-phase superacidity and superbasicity scales and interlinking them for the first time with a series of spontaneous gas-phase proton transfer experiments between neutral superacids and superbases; (3) The concept of unified solution pH scale (pHabs) will be experimentally realized enabling direct comparison of acidities/basicities of any media incl superacidic and superbasic media; (4) Efficient synthetic route will be designed for the ultrastrong carborane acids - derivatives of H(CB11H12) - and their hi-tech application potential will be explored.