"Muu" projekt MSHHI15057
MSHHI15057 "Õpetajatele vajaliku teadusvõimekuse edendamisest. Haridus ja praktika Serbias ja Eestis (1.08.2015−31.07.2018)", Äli Leijen, Tartu Ülikool, Sotsiaal- ja haridusteaduskond, Haridusteaduste instituut, Tartu Ülikool, Sotsiaalteaduste valdkond, haridusteaduste instituut.
Õpetajatele vajaliku teadusvõimekuse edendamisest. Haridus ja praktika Serbias ja Eestis
REP-synergy: Towards improvement of Research capacities essential for teacher Education and Practices in Serbia and Estonia
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2. Ühiskonnateadused ja kultuur2.10. KasvatusteadusedS272 Õpetajakoolitus5.3. Haridusteadused100,0
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01.08.2015−31.07.201856 862,00 EUR
56 862,00 EUR

Õpetajatele vajaliku teadusvõimekuse edendamisest. Haridus ja praktika Serbias ja Eestis
The application for the Institutional Partnerships involves four partners interested in building a scientific co-operation between Switzerland and two Eastern European countries – Estonia and Serbia. The main objective of the Institutional Partnerships is to support partner institutions to strengthen relationships between teacher education, educational research and teaching practice. In this project we refer to it as Research-Education-Practice synergy (REP-synergy). The need to improve the relevance and applicability of research results in teacher education and educational practices can be supported by collaborating with Swiss scholars and teacher educators from HEP-BEJUNE. Through the Institutional Partnerships the paradigm emphasizing that educational research should be in service of practice will be strengthened. Therefore, we aim to enhance young researchers’ and future teachers’ research skills related to qualitative, mixed and novel quantitative methods. Our goal is to build collaborations and promote synergies to overcome the difficulties of the transition period. We plan to organize different activities, such as training sessions in diverse methodologies, for pre- and in-service teachers and young researchers. This contributes to build capacities for practice-led research and use of research results to improve professional practices. We also intend to support the improvement of institutional capacities that enable a further increase of the research performance. We emphasise the role of disseminating research results and their implications for practice. Through the Institutional Partnerships, we intend to support staff and students’ mobility to foster collaboration between the partner institutions and provide additional opportunities for professional development of the academic staff and PhD students. The expertise of the Swiss applicant and the partners will be combined and utilized to offer various methodological and epistemological topics for teachers and young researchers. A three-year program will be proposed and jointly implemented as a way to improve the understanding of the place of practice-led research and relationship between teachers, teacher education, and educational research in Estonia and Serbia. This way, the partner institutions are in the position to change significantly the education sector and the new generation who can ensure sustainability of big changes accomplished through previous processes of societal and economic transition.