"Muu" projekt MODEST-037291
MODEST-037291 "Modular devices for ultrahigh-throughput and small-volume transfection (4.04.2007−4.04.2010)", Kaia Palm, Protobios OÜ.
Modular devices for ultrahigh-throughput and small-volume transfection
Modular devices for ultrahigh-throughput and small-volume transfection
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1. Bio- ja keskkonnateadused1.12. Bio- ja keskkonnateadustega seotud uuringud, näiteks biotehnoloogia, molekulaarbioloogia, rakubioloogia, biofüüsika, majandus- ja tehnoloogiauuringudB210 Histoloogia, tsütokeemia, histokeemia, koekultuurid1.5. Bioteadused (bioloogia, botaanika, bakterioloogia, mikrobioloogia, zooloogia, entomoloogia, geneetika, biokeemia, biofüüsika jt100,0
Protobios OÜkoordinaator04.04.2007−04.04.2010
04.04.2007−04.04.20102 870 315,00 EEK (183 446,56 EUR)
183 446,56 EUR
FP6, Life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health

Modification of cells is a central topic in pharmaceutical and medical sciences as well as in basic research. Innumerable opportunities, e.g., in discovery of new regulatory pathways, novel targets, and potential drug candidates as well as clarification of signal transduction are addressed by cell transfection technology. With the advent of the nucleofection technology, a unique method for the highly efficient transfection of primary cells was recently made available to the life science community. With MODEST the main objectives are i) the development of devices for ultrahigh-throughput nucleofection of primary cells in modular multi-well plates, and ii) the application of this technology to the highly relevant area of immunological as well as neuronal disorders and liver metastasis to facilitate investigations of possible mechanisms of intervention.
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