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"Smart specialisation" project LLTAT17259
LLTAT17259 "Predictive and Mining Algorithms for Behavioural Analysis and Performance Assessment (1.05.2017−31.10.2018)", Luciano Garcia Banuelos, University of Tartu, Faculty of Science and Technology, Institute of Computer Science.
Rahvastiku liikumise analüütika, seire ja ennustamise algorütmid
Predictive and Mining Algorithms for Behavioural Analysis and Performance Assessment
R&D project
Smart specialisation
ETIS classificationSubfieldCERCS classificationFrascati Manual classificationPercent
4. Natural Sciences and Engineering4.6. Computer SciencesP170 Computer science, numerical analysis, systems, control 1.2 Computer and information sciences100,0
01.05.2017−31.10.201883 333,33 EUR
83 333,33 EUR

The aim of the project is to make use of big data and create algorithms and tools for better understanding of the data, quality assessment, performance analysis, and deteation of security related anomalies i.e. to discover business processes metrics through big data analytics and modelling. Creating an algorithm for predicting processes and users¿ needs: the predictive algorithm allows to anticipate the behaviour of both system and the end user. Therefore, identified new services that will increase reliability of forecasted time prediction, bring more value to the border customers for their risk and security assessment, extend the value chain for the end users before and after the transaction, GoSwift eWallet.
Description in EstonianPercent
Applied Research100,0