"Erasmus" projekt DLTTI17465M
DLTTI17465M "Virtual Mechatronics Laboratory (1.09.2017−30.08.2019)", Gholamreza Anbarjafari, Tartu Ülikool, Loodus- ja täppisteaduste valdkond, arvutiteaduse instituut.
Virtual Mechatronics Laboratory
Virtual Mechatronics Laboratory
Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)Belgia Kuningriik
01.09.2017−30.08.201984 626,00 EUR
84 626,00 EUR

One of the main goals of EU Modernisation Agenda for Higher Education is to improve quality and relevance of higher education, and establishing a connection of higher education with research and business. European students need and deserve a higher education system that will prepare them for life and work, and will provide relevant knowledge, skills and experience. Using innovative methods, such as the ones presented in this project, follows the assumptions of Development of a European Area of Skills and Qualifications and is one of the priorities of both: the Europe 2020 strategy and Erasmus+ programme. The aim of this project is to improve hard competencies of mechatronics graduates and prepare them for future work. For this purpose, we would like to implement an innovative method for teaching and learning mechatronics based on virtual reality. We believe, that by applying virtual reality laboratory as a part of existing curriculum in the field of mechatronics, we will achieved the main goal of this project, which is to improve the quality and efficiency of education as well as qualifications, competences and skills of graduates and increase their competitiveness in the labor market.
Lodz University of TechnologykoordinaatorPoola Vabariikülikool