"Muu" projekt FP7-318762
FP7-318762 "Facilitate Industry and Research in Europe (FIRE) (1.09.2012−31.08.2014)", Monika Oit, Cybernetica AS.
Facilitate Industry and Research in Europe (FIRE)
Facilitate Industry and Research in Europe (FIRE)
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4. Loodusteadused ja tehnika4.6. ArvutiteadusedP170 Arvutiteadus, arvutusmeetodid, süsteemid, juhtimine (automaatjuhtimisteooria)1.1. Matemaatika ja arvutiteadus (matemaatika ja teised sellega seotud teadused: arvutiteadus ja sellega seotud teadused (ainult tarkvaraarendus, riistvara arendus kuulub tehnikavaldkonda)100,0
Cybernetica ASpartner01.09.2012−31.08.2014
Euroopa Komisjon
01.09.2012−31.08.201482 122,00 EUR
82 122,00 EUR

The FIRE project will provide a strategic approach, organizational support and network capability for researchers, technology developers, consultants, system integrators and governments to improve their European co-operation by addressing challenges in the current fragmented landscape. The project will facilitate information security companies to improve take-up of European Trustworthy ICT research, and also enable researchers to connect and exploit their technology solutions with the information security technology companies, systems integrators and end users. The project will also contribute to aligning European Trustworthy ICT research with specific market sector requirements for exploitation. The project will be able to support coordination by developing pan-EU cluster strategy and research agendas/roadmaps in key research areas (identified from existing activities such as the RISEPTIS/Think-Trust report). Industry research challenges/needs will be identified for key market sectors including energy, finance, healthcare, mobile communications and addressed by Cluster Research Working Groups. FIRE will impact and improve most importantly the European industrial competitiveness in markets of trustworthy ICT. Effort will be undertaken to find alignment and collaborative or export opportunities of the European technology solutions with other targeted markets such as the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Japan.FIRE will be carried out by a balanced consortium formed by European cluster networks including as members SMEs, large companies, end-users, research organizations and experts of security companies led by an ICT association active in several relevant sectors and domains. This configuration guarantees a consistent dialogue with stakeholders through Cluster networks taking account of the goals of research institutions and the industry of privacy, trust and acceptability.