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"Avalik sektor" projekt 2701
2701 "Recognizing Cancer Nursing in Europe, RECaN: Phase 2 (1.03.2016−30.06.2018)", Kristi Rannus, Tallinna Tervishoiu Kõrgkool, Õenduse õppetool.
Recognizing Cancer Nursing in Europe, RECaN: Phase 2
Teadus- ja arendusprojekt
Avalik sektor
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3. Terviseuuringud3.5. Õendusteadus/õendusB710 Taastusravi ja füsioteraapia3.3 Terviseteadused100,0
01.03.2016−30.06.20180,00 EUR
0,00 EUR

Phase 1 is on-going and will include a systematic review of the impact of nursing on patient outcomes and experiences. The review will draw on International evidence and will not be confined to Europe. The first preliminary results were presented during the ECCO conference in January 2017 in Amsterdam and two to three manuscripts will be submitted for scientific publication during 2017. RECaN phase 2, will consist of data gathering in four contrasting countries in Europe where nursing is at different stages of development. The countries included are Estonia, Germany, United Kingdom and The Netherlands. We will collect data on health care systems, education programs, cancer strategies, working conditions, patient experiences and safety. The work in phase 2 will be performed in collaboration with EONS and the national cancer nursing society in each country. The final phase (stage 3) will consist of engaging with the onco-policy community and ensuring that we engage them in sharing the findings from phases 1 and 2, as well as how to promote nursing better in different political or health contexts within Europe. This questionnaire is a part of RECaN, phase 2. The aim is to collect data from cancer nurses in each country on roles, working condition, education issues, leadership, communication and safety. The data will be analysed and compared between the four different countries. All data will be managed with strict confidentiality and the results will only be presented on group level.