"LIFE programm" project MSVJS17531
MSVJS17531 (12117) "Piloting Natura2000 communication in Estonia (15.09.2017−15.03.2022)", Maie Kiisel, University of Tartu, Faculty of Social Sciences, Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies.
Natura2000 kommunikatsiooni piloottegevused Eestis
Piloting Natura2000 communication in Estonia
R&D project
LIFE programm
ETIS classificationSubfieldCERCS classificationFrascati Manual classificationPercent
2. Culture and Society2.11. Social SciencesS214 Social changes, theory of social work 5.9 Other social sciences100,0
15.09.2017−15.03.202224 000,00 EUR
24 000,00 EUR

Projekti eesmärgiks on aidata kaasa kohaliku kogukonna ja ametkonna vaheliste Natura-aladega seotud konfliktide lahendamisele, edendada konfliktide lahendamises juba asetleidnud juhtumite kogemustest õppimist, aidata kohalikel kogukondadel Natura-alasid väärtustada, jagada Natura-aladega seotud õppetunde Ida-Euroopa piirkonnas.
The project aims to help solving Natura2000 related conflicts between local communities and conservation administration; to use solved cases for storytelling about Natura2000 as a flexible and efficient tool for nature conservation; to improve Natura2000 meaning for Estonians to promote implementation of the Habitat and Birds Directive; to share lessons in Eastern European region.
Description in EstonianPercent
Applied Research50,0
Experimental Research50,0
SA Eestimaa Looduse FondcoordinaatorEstonia
SA Keskkonnaõiguse KeskuspartnerEstonia
OÜ LooduskiripartnerEstonia