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"Teadusuuringute ning tehnoloogia arendamise 7. raamprogramm (7RP)" projekt 8-2/T8095MSMS
8-2/T8095MSMS "Enlargement Network for Agripolicy Analysis (1.06.2008−31.05.2010)", Mati Sepp, Eesti Maaülikool, Eesti Maaülikool, majandus- ja sotsiaalinstituut.
Enlargement Network for Agripolicy Analysis
Enlargement Network for Agripolicy Analysis
Teadus- ja arendusprojekt
Teadusuuringute ning tehnoloogia arendamise 7. raamprogramm (7RP)
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2. Ühiskonnateadused ja kultuur2.12. MajandusteadusS187 Põllumajandusökonoomika5.2 Majandusteadus ja ärindus100,0
Eesti Maaülikoolpartner01.06.2008−31.05.2010
Eesti Maaülikool, Majandus- ja sotsiaalinstituutpartner01.06.2008−31.05.2010
Euroopa KomisjonEuroopa Liitvalitsusasutus
01.06.2008−31.05.201031 137,00 EUR
31 137,00 EUR

AgriPolicy builds on the results of the previous FP6 project CEEC AGRI POLICY ( which was awarded financial support by DG Research in 2004 following the call FP6-2003-SSP-3. The overall objective of the proposal is to support the formulation of Community agricultural policies. AgriPolicy has 4 specific objectives: - Networking and information sharing: The objective is to stimulate the networking and the sharing of information between organisations involved in agri-economics analysis. The networking will be stimulated through the organisation of 3 symposia and 6 workshops and the development of a dynamic web site including an updated directories of experts and organisations. - Provide scientific input for policy making: The objective is to provide analyses on a number of specific topics (8-monthly as well as report on demand). - Prepare future analysis: The objective is to prepare for future policy and sectoral analyses and research by collecting quantitative and qualitative information. In the NMS, 3 monitoring reports of agricultural and rural will be prepared. In the WBC, a study on the existing availability of key agricultural and rural statistics will be prepared. - Develop analytical capacities