"Muu" projekt LLTTI16396
LLTTI16396 "3D Head Scan Using Mobile Phones (1.11.2016−31.01.2017)", Gholamreza Anbarjafari, Tartu Ülikool, Loodus- ja täppisteaduste valdkond, tehnoloogiainstituut.
3D Head Scan Using Mobile Phones
Teadus- ja arendusprojekt
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4. Loodusteadused ja tehnika4.6. ArvutiteadusedP176 Tehisintellekt 2.2. Elektroenergeetika, elektroonika (elektroenergeetika, elektroonika, sidetehnika, arvutitehnika ja teised seotud teadused)100,0
Wolfprint 3D OÜEesti Vabariik
01.11.2016−31.01.201715 246,00 EUR
15 246,00 EUR
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The initial solution would be based on detecting and tracking predefined facial features and morphing general head avatar to match a specific scan (of a person). The work required preparation of a 3D avatar, as well as using it for morphing the scanned person on to it. Hence we need to follow the following two steps: a) Creating the avatar which has all the landmarks and bones and has a simplified mesh which can be used in VR/AR demonstrations (end of 1st month); b) Quick scan of frontal view of a face (±60 degrees from full frontal image) and creating the avatar (end of 3rd month) [capturing will be done by the mobile device and processing will be done on a PC]. In this project pre-defined 3D model of body can be used so that the user can attach the scanned head into the body and modify it. The mobile device that will be used for our tests for capturing will be iPhone 6 and Samsung S7. The rendering and creation of 3D model will be done on a PC.
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