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"Other" project PR04010
PR04010 "Compiling and publishing of a glossary of architecture" (1.03.2015−31.12.2018); Principal Investigator: Kristo Kooskora; Estonian Academy of Arts; Financier: Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Association for Applied Linguistics, Estonian Ministry of Culture; Financing: 62 064 EUR.
Arhitektuuri oskussõnastiku (AOS) koostamine ja publitseerimine
Compiling and publishing of a glossary of architecture
R&D project
Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Association for Applied Linguistics, the Ministry of Culture of Estonia, The Cultural Endowment of Estonia
ETIS research fieldETIS research subfieldCERCS research fieldFrascati Manual research fieldPercent
2. Culture and Society2.6. Philology and LinguisticsH360 Applied linguistics, foreign languages teaching, sociolinguistics 6.2. Languages and literature (ancient and modern)100,0
Estonian Academy of Artscoordinaator01.03.2015−31.12.2018
01.03.2015−31.12.20152 500,00 EUR
01.01.2016−31.12.201617 530,00 EUR
01.01.2017−31.12.201717 530,00 EUR
01.01.2018−31.12.201824 504,00 EUR
62 064,00 EUR

Laiapõhjalise, ca 1100 mõistega (2000-3000 kirjet) illustreeritud Arhitektuuri oskussõnastiku (AOS) koostamine ja publitseerimine, millest kujuneks inseneridele, arhitektidele, kunstiteadlastele, konservaatoritele jt. usaldusväärne käsiraamat ja allikas. Koostatav terminikogu lihtsustab oluliselt nimetatud erialaringkondade vahelist teineteisemõistmist ning täidab tühimiku eestikeelses teabekirjanduses ehituse ja arhitektuuri alal.
The aim of the project is to compile and publish an illustrated comprehensive glossary of architectural terms to have a reliable source and manual for engineers, architects, art historians, conservators and others. The glossary would significantly simplify the understanding between different groups of professionals and fill the gap of specialized literature in the field of construction and architecture.
Publishing and printing of an illustrated dictionary; web-based glossary would be available to the public at Institute of the Estonian Language's database