"Muu" projekt HZ-2012_1a-31041
HZ-2012_1a-31041 "Family History: Facilitating Intergenerational and Intercultural Exchange (1.09.2012−31.12.2014)", Leena Kurvet-Käosaar, Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum.
Family History: Facilitating Intergenerational and Intercultural Exchange
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2. Ühiskonnateadused ja kultuur2.4. KultuuriuuringudS220 Kultuuriantropoloogia, etnoloogia 6.3. Muud humanitaarteadused (filosoofia - s.h. teaduse ja tehnika filosoofia, kunstiteadused, kunstiajalugu, kunstikriitika, maalikunst, skulptuur, muusikateadus, teatriteadus, religioon, teoloogia jne.)100,0
Eesti Kirjandusmuuseumkoordinaator01.09.2012−31.12.2014
Nordplus Programme
01.09.2012−31.12.201484 050,00 EUR
84 050,00 EUR
Nordplus Programme

Bringing together the expertise and experience of different Baltic and Nordic memory institutions and archives, the project utilizes extensive life story, oral history, photographic and audio/visual resources to highlight focus on family history as an important agent and facilitator of social and historical change. A focus on family history makes possible a learning process that while anchored in the individual(s) involved can contribute to the awareness and knowledge of a umber if key issues that are both a legacy of the past and a quality of the present. The current project places such process into a comparative Baltic and Nordic framework that creates a platform for the exposure of wider intercultural and interregional concerns. Aspiring, one the one hand, toward an emphasis on tradition and stability, a focus on family history via life story in the Baltic and Nordic countries, in particular with regard to emigration, exile and change of political regimes also reveals a range of intricate interrelated issues concerning intergenerational exchange and intercultural considerations. The project facilitates grass-root level gathering of family histories and their interpretation and presentation in comparative educational contexts. By creating an educational web resource and an exhibition on family history, the project support education on textual, oral and audio/visual media of transmitting family history in formal and informal educational frameworks (participatory adult learning, museum education, higher education). The project also supports the exchange of experience of educators, researchers and life story and oral history field workers and educators of different Nordic and Baltic countries.