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"Muu" projekt MMJRI14005R
MMJRI14005R "STYLE - Strateegilised arengud noorte tööturul Euroopas (1.03.2014−30.09.2017)", Jaan Masso, Tartu Ülikool, Majandusteaduskond, Rahvamajanduse instituut, Tartu Ülikool, Sotsiaalteaduste valdkond, majandusteaduskond.
STYLE - Strateegilised arengud noorte tööturul Euroopas
STYLE - Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe
Teadus- ja arendusprojekt
ETIS klassifikaatorAlamvaldkondCERCS klassifikaatorFrascati Manual’i klassifikaatorProtsent
2. Ühiskonnateadused ja kultuur2.12. MajandusteadusS180 Majandus, ökonomeetrika, majandusteooria, majanduslikud süsteemid, majanduspoliitika5.2 Majandusteadus ja ärindus100,0
Euroopa Komisjon
01.03.2014−30.09.2017266 080,00 EUR
266 080,00 EUR
7. raamprogramm

STYLE - Strateegilised arengud noorte tööturul Euroopas
The overriding aim of this project is to conduct a comparative EU wide analysis on youth unemployment that is sensitive to gender, ethnic and class differences and the historical legacies of multi-level institutions shaping relevant policies. This aim will be achieved through 10 objectives organized around 11 research, dissemination and management work packages. These cover the core key areas of • Performance, Policy Learning and its limitations; • Labour Market Mismatch in terms of education and skills as well as geographical mobility; • Family and Cultural barriers to employment and, • the opportunities and consequences of Self-Employment and Flexicurity. The central concept informing this project is based on a policy learning approach to address youth unemployment. This involves an ongoing process of including a wide range of EU stakeholders to inform the research and disseminate the results in different institutional conditions. It provides a recent historical analysis accounting for factors prior to, and following on from, the on-going economic crisis. And it informs policy makers about of what works and why. The consortium will achieve the expected impact of 1) advancing the knowledge base of employment strategies to overcome youth unemployment, defining measures, methods and evaluations, 2) creating a critical network of stakeholder organisation. Outputs will include: • An International Handbook on Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe. • Multimedia dissemination: working papers, policy briefings, press coverage and video podcasts. • A comparative analyses of where and under which circumstances innovative and effective policies for getting young people into work are evident, where these policies work and why; • Policy recommendations, from both case studies and quantitative analysis, on the impacts of these employment strategies; • Timely and professional dissemination to key stakeholders facilitated by the partner EurActiv.