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"Mobilitas järeldoktori uurimistoetus" projekt MJD309
MJD309 (MJD309) "Studies of the dynamics of SE sector of last Scandinavian Ice Sheet by image analysis approach applied in relief analysis (1.08.2012−31.07.2015)", Andis Kalvāns, Tartu Ülikool, Loodus- ja tehnoloogiateaduskond, Tartu Ülikooli Ökoloogia- ja Maateaduste Instituut.
Studies of the dynamics of SE sector of last Scandinavian Ice Sheet by image analysis approach applied in relief analysis
Teadus- ja arendusprojekt
Mobilitas järeldoktori uurimistoetus
ETIS klassifikaatorAlamvaldkondCERCS klassifikaatorFrascati Manual’i klassifikaatorProtsent
4. Loodusteadused ja tehnika4.2. MaateadusedP510 Füüsiline geograafia, geomorfoloogia, mullateadus, kartograafia, klimatoloogia 1.4. Maateadused ja sellega seotud keskkonnateadused (geoloogia, geofüüsika, mineroloogia, füüsiline geograafia ning teised geoteadused, meteoroloogia ja ning teised atmosfääriteadused, klimatoloogia, okeanograafia, vulkanoloogia, paleoökoloogia100,0
01.08.2015−31.07.2015100 580,00 EUR
100 580,00 EUR

The aim of proposed project is to contribute to the understanding of the dynamics of South Eastern sector of last Scandinavian Ice Sheet during its maximum extent and delectation phases. To achieve this in-depth analysis of global as well as local high resolution digital elevation models will be performed. The project is built on the know-how transfer from the field of the sediment thin section image analysis to the field of geomorphology. Within the project methodological advances will be made to extract geomorphologic (glaciodynamic) information from the digital elevation models with different resolution as well as to explore opportunities for automatic classification of different glacial landscapes. The expected outcomes of the project (spatial distribution of paleoglaciologically significant morphometric parameters for the glaciated terrain; contribution to the models of the deglaciation process, development of glaciolacustrine basins and the terrestrial hydrographic network in the SE sector of SIS) have primarily of fundamental scientific importance, but may lead to practice-oriented conclusions (river network development and change, groundwater formation, change in geotechnical properties of sediments etc). Presumable scientific results are expected to be publishable in ICI-covered scientific and in local journals.