"Other" project LLOKT10123
LLOKT10123 "Setting up testing methods for thermal and mechanical durability and cleanliness of plastic products. (27.08.2010−4.10.2010)", Koit Herodes, University of Tartu.
Plasttoodete termilise ja mehaanilise vastupidavuse ning puhtuse testimise metoodikate väljatöötamine ja vastavate katsetuste läbiviimine
Setting up testing methods for thermal and mechanical durability and cleanliness of plastic products.
Field of researchSubfieldCERCS specialtyFrascati Manual specialtyPercent
4. Natural Sciences and Engineering4.12. Process Technology and Materials ScienceT150 Material technology 2.3. Other engineering sciences (such as chemical, aeronautical and space, mechanical, metallurgical and materials engineering, and their specialised subdivisions forest products applied sciences such as geodesy, industrial chemistry, etc. the science and technology of food production specialised technologies of interdisciplinary fields, e.g. systems analysis, metallurgy, mining, textile technology and other allied subjects)100,0
University of Tartucoordinaator27.08.2010−04.10.2010
Promens AS
27.08.2010−04.10.201095 738,00 EEK (6 118,77 EUR)
6 118,77 EUR

Tellija tegeleb plastikust autodetailide tootmisega. Autode plastdetailid tuleb enne kasutuselevõttu testida termilise ja mehaanilise vastupidavuse suhtes. Mootoridetailide puhul on oluline ka nende puhtus. Käesoleva projekti eesmärgiks on plastdetailide omaduste uurimise standardikohaste metoodikate kasutuselevõtt ja kasutamine tellija toodete analüüsiks.
The customer is a producer of plastic car parts, which must be tested for thermal and mechanical durability prior to use. For car engine parts there cleanliness is another issue. Aim of the current project is to employ standard methods for testing properties of car parts and use the methods for testing customer's products.
Applied Research20,0
Experimental Research80,0

Principal investigator (1)

PersonDegreeInstitution and occupationCVPeriod
Koit HerodesDoctor's DegreeEST / ENG27.08.2010−04.10.2010