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"Center of Excellence (TK)" project TAR16013 (EXCITE)
TAR16013 (EXCITE) (TK148) "Estonian Centre of Excellence in ICT Research" (1.09.2016−1.03.2023); Principal Investigator: Maarja Kruusmaa; Tallinn University of Technology , School of Information Technologies, Centre for Biorobotics, Cybernetica AS (partner); Financier: Archimedes Foundation; Financing: 2 121 015 EUR.
IT Tippkeskus EXCITE
Estonian Centre of Excellence in ICT Research
Estonian Centre of Excellence in ICT Research
R&D project
Center of Excellence (TK)
ETIS research fieldETIS research subfieldCERCS research fieldFrascati Manual research fieldPercent
4. Natural Sciences and Engineering4.7. TelecommunicationsT180 Telecommunication engineering 2.2. Electrical engineering, electronics [electrical engineering, electronics, communication engineering and systems, computer engineering (hardware only) and other allied subjects]70,0
4. Natural Sciences and Engineering4.6. Computer SciencesT121 Signal processing 2.2. Electrical engineering, electronics [electrical engineering, electronics, communication engineering and systems, computer engineering (hardware only) and other allied subjects]30,0
01.09.2016−01.03.20232 121 014,65 EUR
2 121 014,65 EUR

"Eesti IT Tippkeskus EXCITE ühendab kõiki Eesti edukaid IT teadusgruppe ühtseks, sünergiat loovaks teaduskeskuseks, vähendades niimoodi Eesti teadusmaastiku killustatust ning luues sünergiat erinevate teadusteemade vahel. Konsortsium arendab edasi matemaatiliste mudelite verifitseerimise ning andmeanalüüsi teooriaid, millele toetudes töötatakse omakorda välja meetodid veakindlate ning turvaliste IT süsteemide ehitamiseks. Neid meetodeid rakendatakse küberfüüsiliste süsteemide, robotite, e-tervise teenuste ning biomeditsiiniteenuste näitel. EXCITE koosneb kümnest, täpse ülesandepüstitusega ning kindla metoodikaga alamteemast, mille fookust projekti eluea jooksul vastavalt vahetulemustele kohendatakse. EXCITE suurendab Eesti teaduse jätkusuutlikust, luues 20-30 doktorandile ning järeldoktorile toetava keskkonna ning pideva rahastuse.
"EXCITE brings together the topranked ICT research groups Estonia to work jointly on a focussed, yet broad and extendable, research programme. It will capitalize on the existing expertise to create synergies on the rich but fragmented landscape of the Estonian ICT research. The consortium will advance foundational theories of model verification and data analysis. On this groundwork, it will develop methods and tools for sound practices of designing and analyzing reliable and secure ICT systems processing large data volumes, as demanded by applications to domains of high socioeconomic relevance (cyberphysical and robotic systems, ehealth and biomedical systems). We will start with 10 cooperation themes with clearly defined objectives, methodology and expected results. These themes will be refined and redefined after 3 years. EXCITE will support research sustainability and provide a development opportunity for young researchers by financing 20-30 PhD students and postdocs.
Description in EstonianPercent
Basic Research70,0
Applied Research30,0
Cybernetica ASpartner
Tartu Ülikoolpartner