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"Muu" projekt MSVPC16090I
MSVPC16090I "Event tourism in the Baltic Sea Region based on stories, traditions and common cultural identity" (15.03.2016−30.11.2016); Vastutav täitja: Heli Müristaja; Tartu Ülikool, Sotsiaalteaduste valdkond, Pärnu kolledž (partner); Finantseerija: Euroopa Komisjon; Eraldatud summa: 5 100 EUR.
Event tourism in the Baltic Sea Region based on stories, traditions and common cultural identity
Teadus- ja arendusprojekt
EUSBSR Seed Money Facility
ETIS klassifikaatorAlamvaldkondCERCS klassifikaatorFrascati Manual’i klassifikaatorProtsent
2. Ühiskonnateadused ja kultuur2.12. MajandusteadusS191 Turu-uuringud5.2 Majandusteadus ja ärindus75,0
2. Ühiskonnateadused ja kultuur2.12. MajandusteadusS190 Ettevõtete juhtimine5.2 Majandusteadus ja ärindus25,0
15.03.2016−30.11.20165 100,00 EUR
5 100,00 EUR

Baltic Sea Region is far from being a top European tourism destination. It is rather not perceived as a common tourism destination and has difficulties to promote its rich and diverse cultural and natural heritage even among citizens of the Baltic countries themselves. In the view of this challenges, all recent studies are pointing out an increased competition between different destinations. In search for optimal positioning, events are becoming more and more important in the tourism development of destinations, attracting visitors, encouraging investments, improving image and boosting the local economy (Getz, 2008). The main idea of the project is to attract more tourists from the Baltic countries and outside to Baltic destinations thanks to a large number of events organised across the Baltic Sea Region. We consider that events have a great and unused potential to generate more tourist inflow to the region. Behind each event (e.g. Festival of Slavs and Vikings in Wolin/PL, White Lady Festival in Haapsalu/EE, the Archipelago Festival in Västervik/SE), there are stories and traditions that can act as strong tourism appeals and the main motivation to choose Baltic Sea Region from among other European tourism destinations. The main problem and barrier to fully exploit the opportunities that event tourism presents is to overcome accessibility and information barriers that are much higher than for fixed tourism attractions, as well as improve cooperation between tourism agents across BSR. "Baltic Stories" project is aiming at bringing together stakeholders from the Baltic Sea region in order to exchange experience, jointly develop and promote event tourism in the region. This will ultimately contribute to increased visitors and investments inflow,provide a major boost to the tourism sector and turn into a significant catalyst to improve the competitiveness of BSR destination.
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