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ProgramTypeNumberNameProject startProject endPrincipal investigatorInstitutionFinancing
2.1.1. LSVMJ18501 Development of partnership strategy for Elektrilevi OÜ05.11.201831.01.2019Krista JaaksonUniversity of Tartu, Faculty of Social Sciences, School of Economics and Business Administration16 500,00 EUR
MUUAI FUR 29.04.13-1 (TLÜ senati teaduskomisjoni istungi protokoll 29.04.2013 nr 14)Publishing support for journal "Estonian Journal of Archaeology" 2013 edition29.04.201331.12.2013Erki RussowTallinn University, Institute of History700,00 EUR
MUUS02-15/0244L; S03-15/0048L Publishing of the journal "Studies on Art and Architecture" in 201501.04.201531.03.2016Virve SarapikEstonian Union of Art Critics20 000,00 EUR
ETFETF7408Bacterial meningitis in Estonia: Epidemiology and outcome01.01.200831.12.2011Pille TabaUniversity of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine68 200,86 EUR (825303) Browser-based Multilingual Translation01.01.201931.12.2021Mark FišelUniversity of Tartu, Faculty of Science and Technology, Institute of Computer Science413 125,00 EUR
ETFETF7608Solid phase recrystallization of CdTe thin film and influence of dopant elements to the layer's properties01.01.200831.12.2011Valdek MikliTallinn University of Technology , Faculty of Chemical and Materials Technology37 084,29 EUR
MUUV16022CO2 Geological Storage in the Baltic Sea Region/CGS Baltic (Seed money project)19.02.201630.03.2017Alla ŠogenovaTallinn University of Technology , Institute of Geology at TUT5 015,00 EUR
TKTK120 Dark Matter in (Astro)particle Physics and Cosmology01.01.201131.12.2015Antti TammTartu Observatory736 634,20 EUR
2.1.1.LLTTI19089e-Job: Enhancing job search using keyword and free style text input 15.01.201917.08.2019Gholamreza AnbarjafariUniversity of Tartu, Faculty of Science and Technology, Institute of Technology34 650,00 EUR
EKKMEKKM11-246 Eesti õppijakeele tekstide hindamine Euroopa Nõukogu keeleoskustasemete alusel01.01.201131.12.2011Marju IlvesTallinn University1 550,00 EUR
MUURP16110 Euphresco Network „Ringtest for improved Potato virus Y strain detection“.01.08.201630.06.2018Lilian JärvekülgTallinn University of Technology , Faculty of Science, Department of Gene Technology, Chair of Molecular Diagnostics7 500,00 EUR
PUT; PUT_SPPUT1046Synthesis and functionalization of Fe based nanoparticles for high-sensitivity Magnetic Resonance Imaging 01.01.201631.12.2019Liis SeinbergNational Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics144 000,00 EUR
MUUTRU16162A Ground penetrating radar studies to detect water utilities 11.10.201618.10.2016Hannes TõnissonTallinn University, Institute of Ecology0,00 EUR
MUU8-3/6 ARH2015/VI (S03-14/0342L 3.3-4/15/40) Hackathon "Garage48 Hardware & Arts" 201502.01.201530.04.2015Anu Piirisild; Alvo AablooEstonian Academy of Arts5 010,00 EUR
PUT; PUT_SPPUT1689Nanoscale heterostructures with tunable properties01.01.201731.12.2019Sergei VlassovUniversity of Tartu, Faculty of Science and Technology, Institute of Physics136 800,00 EUR
ETFETF8607Neurobiological and environmental basis of inattentive and hyperactive behaviour01.01.201131.12.2014Evelyn KiiveUniversity of Tartu, Faculty of Social Sciences and Education43 200,00 EUR IKT erialade tudengite töötamine03.10.201331.08.2015Sten AnspalEstonian Center for Applied Research CentAR109 810,00 EUR
MUUVEU17072Wearable Robots for Augmentation, Assistance or Substitution of Human Motor Functions01.01.201731.12.2020Mart MinTallinn University of Technology , School of Information Technologies, Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics0,00 EUR
SFSF0140082s08Chemistry and applications of carbonate-phosphate-based inorganic systems01.01.200831.12.2013Rein KuusikTallinn University of Technology , Faculty of Chemical and Materials Technology802 264,57 EUR
MUU TKA16030 Serious Games for Fostering Multilingualism in Early Childhood Education 31.12.201530.12.2017Martin SillaotsTallinn University, School of Digital Technologies19 742,00 EUR
MUU8-3/62 8-3/80 ARH2015/XVI (S03-15/0122L 1-9409-2015)Wooden construction practices (2015)10.06.201530.11.2015Jaan TiidemannEstonian Academy of Arts, Department of Architecture, Department of Architecture and Urban Design7 450,00 EUR
SFSF0180037s07 Radiation phenomena in wide-gap functional materials01.01.200731.12.2012Aleksandr LuštšikUniversity of Tartu, Faculty of Science and Technology (old), Institute of Physics, University of Tartu1 423 152,37 EUR
PUT; PUT_OPPUT479Encountering the Otherworld in Medieval Nordic Literature: New Perspectives01.01.201431.07.2018Per Daniel SävborgUniversity of Tartu, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, College of Foreign Languages and Cultures160 000,00 EUR Catching-Up along the global value chain: business models, determinants and policy implications in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution27.04.201826.04.2022Marek TiitsInstitute of Baltic Studies45 000,00 EUR (total financing 1 683 000,00 EUR)
IUTIUT31-10 Cumulative processes in the interplay of educational path and work career: explaining inequalities in the context of neoliberalization01.01.201531.12.2020Ellu SaarTallinn University, School of Governance, Law and Society, Institute for International Social Studies348 500,00 EUR