Bacteriorhodopsin into opal matrices

Grebennikov, E.P.; Orlovskii, Yu.V.; Samoylovich, M.I. (2009). Bacteriorhodopsin into opal matrices. Journal of Nano and Microsystem Technique, 6 (107), 30−38.
Grebennikov, E.P.; Orlovskii, Yu.V.; Samoylovich, M.I.
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Bacteriorhodopsin into opal matrices
Bacteriorhodopsin into opal matrices
Journal of Nano and Microsystem Technique
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The subject of this review is an investigation of optical properties of nanocomposite materials based on photo-chromic protein "bacteriorhodopsin" and cubic packings of SiO2 nanospheres named "opal matrices". The in­fluences of any substrates included strong piezoelectrics (barium strontium niobate and lithium niobate) on lu­minescence and Raman spectra of nanocomposite bacteriorhodopsin-opal matrix films are studied. The per­spectives of creation of optical neuronet processing systems based on bacteriorhodopsin-containing opal nano-composites are considered. I have only russian version of the publication attached. Keywords: bacteriorhodopsin, opal matrix, luminescence.