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Teaching mathematics using Mathcad

Lamp, Jüri (2010). Teaching mathematics using Mathcad. Kansainvälinen viikko ja Konferenssi "CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION" 15-19.3.2010.
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Lamp, Jüri
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Matemaatika õpetamisest MathCADi abil
Kansainvälinen viikko ja Konferenssi "CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION" 15-19.3.2010
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The development of computers has increased the importance of mathematics in applications. Learning mathematics requires a lot of calculations and other technical work. This could be done with help of computers, and therefore, enabling to concentrate on the problem solving. For this purpose, we have used the program Mathcad (see for example [3, 4]). Mathcad is a special computer software aimed for solving mathematical tasks. Compared with other programs (for example MathLAB) Mathcad has several features which make it more suitable in the mathematics teaching con- text. Mathcad is designed to support Microsoft newest operating system (for exampleWindows/O¢ ce XP) and export graphics in either JPG or PNG format In this paper we consider several kinds of mathematics exercises which can be solved using Mathcad.
System of linear equqtions. Matrix. Vector. Di¤erentation. Integration.