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Three years of medical anthropology at Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkool: healthcare reconsidered

Ticchi, Davide (2015). Three years of medical anthropology at Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkool: healthcare reconsidered. Tervist!, 11−12.
Ticchi, Davide
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Kolm aastat meditsiinilist antropoloogiat Tartu Tervishoiu kõrgkoolis: tervishoiu ümbermõtestamine
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After three springs teaching medical anthropology to nursing and midwifery students at Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkool, I can say that through our meetings we both learned something from each other. The reason why I also learned from the students is not only that I am a foreigner, and thus I have always some new meaning to put into context, but also the fact we often started from scratch to understand who nurses, midwifes and other health care professionals are today, in Estonia and abroad. It is no surprise that on the front cover of a book students reviewed and presented in class, the subtitle nursing reconsidered is a claim in capital letters that speaks to those persons who “didn’t know that angels flew this low!” before being patients for the first time, and also to professionals who reason about their function in post-modern societies.
Medical anthropolohy, meditsiiniline antropoloogia, nursing studies, midwifery studies, Tartu Tervisoiu Kõrgkool, virtue script, knowledge script, Estonia, healthcare studies, Sioban Nelson, Suzanne Gordon, Scheper-Hughes, Wiley, Frank, nursing reconsidered, midwife, nurse, Tallinn University, breastfeeding, hospital, euthanasia, breast cancer, physiotherapy, biomedicine.