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Ultrafast optical processing with photon echoes

Rebane, A.; Drobizhev, M.; Sigel, C.; Ross, W.; Gallus, J. (1999). Ultrafast optical processing with photon echoes. Journal of Luminescence, 83-4, 325−333.
Rebane, A.; Drobizhev, M.; Sigel, C.; Ross, W.; Gallus, J.
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J. Lumines.
Journal of Luminescence
1872-7883; 0022-2313
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English, We use frequency-selective materials to expand the conventional spatial-domain optical processing into the dimensions of frequency and time. Ultrafast performance on the time scale of 10(-13) s is achieved by using resonant media with broad inhomogeneous bandwidth of up to 6 THz, in combination with dipole-allowed resonant transitions such as in organic dye-doped polymers at liquid-helium temperature. We discuss experiments on ultrafast bit-to-bit multiplication by photon echo with spectrally shaped ultrashort pulses. We present an implementation of a coherent logic gate performing "controlled, controlled NOT" operation by time-domain interference of ultrafast photon echo. (C) 1999 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
ultrafast holography; photon echo; coherent optical transients; optical