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Cytotoxicity of metal oxide nanoparticles to the lung and immune cells in vitro: a contribution to safer nanoantibacterialsKasemets K., Piunno Y., Moschini E., Perelshtein I., Deokar A., Gedanken A., Mantecca P.2016NanoInnovation 2016, Rome 20-23 September, Conference & Exhibition programme5.2. Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, UNIMIB;
Keemilise ja Bioloogilise Füüsika Instituut
Radiative Properties of Lanthanide and Transition Metal Ions in NanocrystalsPukhov, K.K.; Basiev, T.T.; Orlovskii, Yu.V.2011Optics and Spectroscopy1.1.???????? ????? ?????? ??. ?.?. ????????? ?????????? ???????? ????;
Tartu Ülikool
Fluctuation Kinetics of “Hopping” Luminescence QuenchingOrlovskii, Yu.V.; Fedorenko, S.G.; Samsonova, E.V.20115.2.???????? ????? ?????? ??. ?.?. ????????? ?????????? ???????? ????;
Tartu Ülikool;
Tartu Ülikool, Loodus- ja tehnoloogiateaduskond, Tartu Ülikooli Füüsika Instituut
Язык юмористических произведений М.ШкетанаVedernikova, Elena2011Языки, литература и культура полиэтнических народов Урало-Поволжья (современное состояние и перспективы развития): материалы VIII Международного симпозиума "Языковые контакты Поволжья" (18-20 августа 3.5.????????? ??????????????? ???????????;
Tartu Ülikool
Ambivalence, gender and censorship in two Spanish translations of Little Women.Hernández Socas, Elia2019Meta: Translators' Journal1.1.
Literature on Screen: Teaching Adaptations with a Multimodal CourseAlexandra Milyakina, Maarja Ojamaa, Tatjana Pilipovec, Merit Rickberg, Liina Sieberk2019Media Practice and Education1.1.
Relationships between field-measured hydrometeorological variables and satellite-based land surface temperature in a hemiboreal raised bogBurdun, Iuliia; Sagris, Valentina; Mander, Ülo2019International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation1.1.
Uralic SyntaxTamm, Anne; Vainikka, Anne20192.1.
Ethiopia’s ‘economic diplomacy’ and regional integration Fantu Cheru and Zinabu Samaro Rekiso2019The Oxford Handbook of the Ethiopian Economy3.1.
Multimodal Propositions and Metaphors in the Movie Submarine: An Application of Peirce’s Doctrine of DicisignsAlin, Olteanu2019Meanings & Co.3.1.
Better off being bacteria: adaptation and allegory in Dr AkagiKitsnik, Lauri2019Killers, Clients and Kindred Spirits: The Taboo Cinema of Shohei Imamura3.2.
“Humour and Resistance in Russia’s Ecological Utopia (A Look at the Anastasia Movement)”Sadovina, Irina2019Contesting Authority: Vernacular Knowledge and Alternative Beliefs3.2.
Meanings & Co.: The Interdisciplinarity of Communication, Semiotics and MultimodalityAlin, Olteanu; Andrew, Stables; Dumitru, Bortun20194.2.
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Review-A Review of the Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of Ions with d(3) Electron Configuration (V2+, Cr3+, Mn4+, Fe5+) and Main Related MisconceptionsBrik, M.G.; Srivastava, A.M.2018ECS Journal of Solid State Sience and Technology1.1.
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A Common Misunderstanding about Capitalism and Communism Through the Eyes of InnovationFischer, Dirk-Hinnerk; Yeritsyan, Hovhannes2018Economic Thought1.1.
A Differentiated Caching Mechanism to Enable Primary Storage Deduplication in CloudsWu, Huijun; Wang, Chen; Fu, Yinjin; Sakr, Sherif; Lu, Kai; Zhu, Liming2018Ieee Transactions On Parallel and Distributed Systems1.1.
A global view on the Higgs self-coupling at lepton collidersDi Vita, Stefano; Durieux, Gauthier; Grojean, Christophe; Gu, Jiayin; Liu, Zhen; Panico, Giuliano; Riembau, Marc; Vantalon, Thibaud2018Journal of High Energy Physics1.1.
A Large-Scale Multi-ancestry Genome-wide Study Accounting for Smoking Behavior Identifies Multiple Significant Loci for Blood PressureSung, Yun J.; Winkler, Thomas W.; de las Fuentes, Lisa; Bentley, Amy R.; Brown, Michael R.; Kraja, Aldi T.; Schwander, Karen; Ntalla, Ioanna; Guo, Xiuqing; Franceschini, Nora; Lu, Yingchang; Cheng, Ching-Yu; Sim, Xueling; Vojinovic, Dina; Marten, Jonathan; Musani, Solomon K.; Li, Changwei; Feitosa, Mary F.; Kilpelainen, Tuomas O.; Richard, Melissa A. ... Chasman, Daniel I.2018American Journal of Human Genetics1.1.
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A Non-destructive survey of early Roman copper-alloy brooches using portable X-ray Fluorescence SpectrometryHeeren, Stijn; Huisman, Hans D.J; van Os, Bertil J.H.2018Archaeometry1.1.
A speculative outlook on embryonic aneuploidy: Can molecular pathways be involved?Tšuiko, Olga; Jatsenko, Tatjana; Parameswaran Grace, Lalit Kumar; Kurg, Ants; Vermeesch, Joris Robert; Lanner, Fredrik; Altmäe, Signe; Salumets, Andres2018Developmental biology1.1.